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Dexter Season 8 Episode 3 Recap

‘Dexter’ Recap: Debra Morgan Comes Clean

3 years ago 1
Dexter's sister is sitting on a pretty huge secret, and it is destroying her. Will Debra finally give in and reveal who the real Bay Harbor Butcher… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Showtime
Dexter Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

‘Dexter’ Recap: Dexter Morgan Gets A New Mother

3 years ago 3
Dexter's got a lot on his plate -- Debra's disintegrating, Dr. Evelyn Vogel is onto him, and oh yeah, there's a guy scooping out brains all over… Read Article ▶
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Dexter Season Premiere

‘Dexter’ Season Premiere: Dexter Pushes Debra To Use Drugs

3 years ago 2
Debra Morgan knows that her brother is a deranged serial killer. Heck, she even killed Lieutenant LaGuerta to keep the secret in the family. Now as… Read Article ▶
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Dexter Season Premiere Spoilers

‘Dexter’ Season Premiere Spoilers: Sex, Drugs & Grisly Murder

3 years ago 2
Showtime's bloodiest show is back for one more season on June 30! Get an early peek at the all the crazy drama that awaits Dexter this season with… Read Article ▶
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Dexter Season 8

‘Dexter’ Ending After 8 Seasons, Showtime Confirms

4 years ago 1
The clean-shaven killer will claim his final victims this summer. Are you ready to say goodbye? Confirming reports that surfaced earlier this year… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Showtime
Dexter Canceled

‘Dexter’ Ending After 8 Seasons — Report

4 years ago 3
Would you be devastated if 'Dexter' came to an end, or are you ready to say goodbye? Dexter fans, enjoy your favorite clean-shaven serial killer… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Showtime

'Dexter' Season 6 Premieres Tonight! Will You Tune In To Watch Him Kill Again?

5 years ago 1
Whet your sick, murderous appetite with a preview clip from tonight's big premiere! Dexter's sixth season premieres at 9 p.m. TONIGHT on Showtime… Read Article ▶

Emmys Countdown! Who Should Win Best Lead & Supporting Actor In A Drama Series?

5 years ago 1
Kyle Chandler & Peter Dinklage get our vote! Who gets yours? When it comes to intense men on TV, Ian Somerhalder will always be our favorite. But… Read Article ▶

The Real Reason Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Are Getting Divorced: 'Dexter' Doesn't Want Babies!

6 years ago 4
Michael reportedly promised Jen babies when they got married, but he changed his mind! Sadly, one of our favorite couples Michael C. Hall, 39, and… Read Article ▶
Getty Images

Jennifer Carpenter Officially Kills ‘Dexter’ Marriage With Michael C. Hall

6 years ago 0
After news broke Dec. 7 the Dexter stars were getting divorced, new details have surfaced and according to documents obtained by TMZ, they have… Read Article ▶
Getty Images

LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: How You Can Work With Your Ex, Like Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall Have To Do

6 years ago 0
The Dexter duo are divorcing -- but here's how they can keep it civil on set! Falling in love with a guy you work with seems like the perfect… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Jonny Lee Miller! You're 38 Today, November 15!

6 years ago 0
Best known for being Angelina Jolie's first husband, Jonny Lee Miller is stepping back into the spotlight in a featured role on Dexter! Jonny Lee… Read Article ▶

Andy Says: The Fifth Season Premiere Of 'Dexter' Sets The Stage For The Most Emotional & Intense Season Yet!

6 years ago 0
[flv width="544" height="400"][/flv] Our favorite serial killer might (finally) be losing his mind -- and… Read Article ▶

'Dexter' Season 5 Trailer! Will Everyone's Favorite Serial Killer Finally Be Caught?

6 years ago 0
Things are not looking good for Dexter Morgan in the new trailer for Showtime's next season of the hit show! The trailer for the new season of… Read Article ▶

We're So Glad To See 'Dexter' Star Michael C. Hall Looking Happy & Healthy After Beating Hodgkins Lymphoma!

6 years ago 0
Michael made a special appearance at Comic-Con in, and we're thrilled to see he's doing so well! Michael C. Hall, 39, is back... and ready to kill… Read Article ▶
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