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Meet The Mom Addicted To Giving Birth! Did Pregnancy Leave You Wanting More?

6 years ago 0
Nicole Croft was devastated when she had to have a C-section for her third child -- because she LOVES the sensation of giving birth. And she's not… Read Article ▶
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Kate Middleton Just Like Us: Won't Take A Lady-In-Waiting On U.S. Trip!

6 years ago 0
Kate and Prince William will go low-maintenance on their trip to the United States -- only taking a small entourage, all the details! Kate Middleton… Read Article ▶

Miracle Baby — Mom Gives Birth Despite Having Her Womb Lining Removed!

6 years ago 1
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that Paula Rivett, 38, didn't realize she was pregnant until six months in! A Kent, UK mother who… Read Article ▶

Woman Disguises Herself As A Man & Kills Daughter-In-Law In Front Of Her Own Grandson!

6 years ago 0
The 14-month-old boy watched as his grandmother gunned down his mother in a Target parking lot. How absolutely terrifying is this? The woman, Joanna… Read Article ▶

Woman Unknowingly Gives Birth To An Eight Pound Baby: ‘I Thought I Was Dying!’

6 years ago 18
Lauren Peberdy was an average, size 8 woman when she gave birth to an 8lb., 7 oz. baby without even knowing she was pregnant! How bizarre is… Read Article ▶

Kate Middleton: I Want to Be a Housewife! So Will She Start Baby-Making Right Now?

6 years ago 3
A new report claims Kate is going to 'forgo her duties,' but is she really preparing to produce a future king? Kate Middleton, now Duchess of… Read Article ▶

If You Make Your Kids Have Family Dinners They Are Less Likely To Become Obese!

6 years ago 0
It's hard for working moms and dads to prepare healthy meals and get the family together for a sit down dinner, but it might be more important than… Read Article ▶

Truly Disturbing News: Half Of Six-Year-Old Girls Think They're Overweight!

6 years ago 0
Young girls have become increasingly obsessed with their bodies and now it's a dangerous obsession. Is your little girl overly concerned with her… Read Article ▶

Pregnant Mom Survived On Big Macs — She Was Allergic To Everything Else!

6 years ago 0
And all those yummy burgers led to one big baby -- a 10-pounder to be exact! When Suzanne Franklin, 23, learned she was pregnant, she wasn't worried… Read Article ▶

Kate Middleton Will NOT Vow To 'Obey' Future King — She'll Be Modern Bride, Like Diana!

6 years ago 0
Kate is following Princess Diana's path-blazing trail -- she's brave enough to ditch the ancient promise requiring a royal bride to follow her… Read Article ▶

Pesticide Exposure In The Womb Lowers Kids' IQs — How Scary!

6 years ago 0
Pregnant moms take note -- if you eat foods tainted by pesticides, your baby could grow up to be less intelligent, alarming new studies… Read Article ▶

Thugs Smash Brick In 4-Year-Old's Face, Leaving Her Unconscious! How Horrible!

6 years ago 5
HollyMoms -- how could someone harm such an innocent and tiny child in this disgusting way! This is just sick! Fifteen men attacked a van in… Read Article ▶

Infertile Mom Gives Birth After Ovary Transplant From Her Twin Sister! Amazing!

6 years ago 1
A true miracle gift brings a baby girl into the world in Paris! Karine Thiriot, 39, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Victoria Thiriot, in Paris… Read Article ▶

Two Sisters Give Birth In The Same Maternity Ward Just Minutes Apart! Incredible!

6 years ago 1
A thrilled family runs from room to room as the two women go into labor simultaneously! Two sisters in England are celebrating the births of their… Read Article ▶

Miracle Boy With Half A Heart Defies Doctors' Odds And LIVES!

6 years ago 0
Sammy's parents were told he would only live a few days after his birth, but now after multiple open-heart surgeries, he's an avid soccer player and… Read Article ▶
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