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Christine Adewunmi Murder Suicide

Mom Kills Her Three Young Daughters & Self In Roadside Shooting

5 years ago 3
A mother and her three daughters were found along a remote Missouri campground in a suspected murder-suicide. The body of 37-year-old Christine… Read Article ▶
Brooklyn Toddler Alone

Runaway Toddler Found Wandering Brooklyn Street Wearing Only A Diaper

5 years ago 2
Wearing nothing but a diaper, a 2-year-old was discovered at 2 a.m. barefoot in front of a Brooklyn bodega! Now her mom and babysitting are facing… Read Article ▶
Russian Twins Adopted

American Woman Abandons Adopted 1-Year-Old Twins On Russian Street

5 years ago 8
This isn't the first time an American mother has returned her adopted Russian child! So shocking. An unidentified American woman adopted 15-month-old… Read Article ▶
Wrongful Birth Suit

Couple Sues For 'Wrongful Birth' Of Daughter Born With Down Syndrome

5 years ago 36
A Portland, Oregon couple is suing a health center for a botched prenatal test because they say they would have aborted the child if they knew she… Read Article ▶
Mother Jail Release

Two Kids Found Living In School Bus Alone After Parents Jailed

5 years ago 7
A 5-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl were found living alone in a stench-filled abandoned school bus after their parents were sent to prison. A… Read Article ▶
Josh Powell Sons

Josh Powell's Siblings Are Trying To Claim Life Insurance

5 years ago 8
After Josh killed himself and his two young sons in a fiery explosion, his siblings are trying to claim a $2.5 million life insurance payout! Months… Read Article ▶
Twin Boys Child Abuse

One-Year-Old Twin Boys Found Tied Up & Bruised — Parents Arrested

5 years ago 5
These terrible parents were arrested after police found their baby boys lying on the floor, unable to move! Kaitlynn Paige Turner, 21, and Michael… Read Article ▶
Willie Robinson Death

Ohio Parents Let Son Die Of Curable Cancer — They Were Too Cheap To Take Him To Doctor

5 years ago 14
Their 8-year-old son died of Hodgkin's lymphoma because his parents claimed they couldn't afford to take him to the doctor! So cruel! Young Willie… Read Article ▶
Josh Powell Explosion

Josh Powell's Murder-Suicide House Was A Sham To Fool Social Workers

5 years ago 6
The house that crazed Josh blew up to kill himself and his two sons was nothing but a ruse — he didn't actually live there! Detectives are now… Read Article ▶

Josh Powell Told Sons He Had 'A Big Surprise' Moments Before Killing Them

5 years ago 6
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The social worker at the scene reveals the final minutes before Josh attacked his sons with… Read Article ▶

Josh Powell's Shocking Past: A Suicide Attempt, Death Threats & Disturbing Porn

5 years ago 8
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy On the surface Josh seemed like a devoted dad, but after he killed his two… Read Article ▶
Bradie Simpson Baby

Mom Slits 9-Month-Old Baby's Throat In Missouri

5 years ago 13
So horrible! A mother allegedly slashed her little baby girl's throat months after claiming she was 'possessed!' Bradie Simpson of Camdenton, Mo.… Read Article ▶

Josh Powell's Sister's Defense Of Him Killing His Sons Is Disgusting & Immoral

5 years ago 5
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Josh killed his two sons in a horrific, fire explosion, but she says he was the victim… Read Article ▶

Man Tries To Kidnap Little Girl In Georgia Walmart — But She Escapes – VIDEO

5 years ago 21
[flv width="600" height="500"][/flv] An attempted kidnapping caught on camera! A man tried to kidnap a little girl at a… Read Article ▶
Josh Powell Explosion

Josh Powell Hacked Sons To Death Before Exploding House

5 years ago 7
This story keeps getting worse. An autopsy reveals the husband of missing Susan Powell chopped his two young sons up in a grisly murder before… Read Article ▶
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