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Casey Anthony trial

16 Casey Anthony trial Articles

Casey Anthony Appeals Against Her Convictions For Lying To Police!

6 years ago 1
Casey is amazingly UNHAPPY with the result of her murder trial. She wants to get the four guilty verdicts she was handed for providing false… Read Article ▶

Judge Punished Casey Anthony For A Murder The Jury Didn't Convict Her Of, Says Top Attorney!

6 years ago 0
The sentence of four consecutive years for lying to authorities was harsh, says attorney Raoul Felder and here's why! Everyone was on the edge of… Read Article ▶

Bonnie Says: Casey Anthony, Yay! The Judge Threw The Book At You! No Manicures or Teeth Whitening Yet!

6 years ago 11
At least, Judge Belvin Perry Jr. did what he could to punish you by keeping you behind bars for a couple more months. It's not exactly making you… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony — Do YOU Think She's Guilty?

6 years ago 6
The country is divided! If you've been following this intense trial, then VOTE below! Guilty or not? The Casey Anthony murder trial is still… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Will Not Testify In Court — Are You Disappointed?

6 years ago 2
With the words, "the defense rests," many people left the Orlando, FL courthouse still wanting to hear Casey's side of the story. And that's not the… Read Article ▶

Cindy Anthony Says Caylee Could Have Climbed Into The Pool Herself, Helping Casey's Defense!

6 years ago 2
Casey Anthony's mother Cindy already testified that she had been the one making incriminating searches for chloroform on the family's computer, and… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Mom Testified That SHE Was The One Who Searched For 'Chloroform' On The Internet

6 years ago 4
Casey Anthony may have just caught a huge break in her trial for the 2008 murder of her 2-year-old-daughter, Caylee. Her mom Cindy has just negated… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Sat Expressionless In Orlando Court As She Was Denied An Acquittal

6 years ago 1
After all the evidence we've seen against Casey Anthony, this doesn't come as a surprise -- now it's her defense team's turn! Casey Anthony's trial… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Trial: Did Caylee's Killer Place a Heart-Shaped Sticker Over Her Duct-Taped Mouth?

6 years ago 0
As Casey's first degree murder trial moves into its fourth week, prosecutors are wrapping up with compelling evidence. When 2-year-old Caylee… Read Article ▶

Forensic Scientist 'Jumped Back a Foot or Two' When He Smelled The Foul Odor In Casey Anthony's Trunk

6 years ago 2
It's been called garbage and human remains, but no one was sure. Now an expert on human decomposition weighs in on what really caused the 'death'… Read Article ▶

Lee Anthony Recalls His Sister Casey's Many Excuses After Caylee's Disappearance

6 years ago 0
The testimony of Casey Anthony's brother Lee in the murder of Caylee harms Casey's defense! Lee Anthony, Casey's older brother, took the stand today… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony's Father Demands 'Respect' From Defense Lawyer — Tensions Rise During Trial

6 years ago 1
After allegations that George Anthony molested his daughter Casey, it's no wonder the man got upset! Casey Anthony may be on trial for the murder of… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Entered 'Hot Body Contest' & Partied Days After Daughter Went Missing!

6 years ago 4
Can you believe this? The chain of events in this case keeps sounding stranger and stranger! The Orlando, FL court room heard yesterday that Casey… Read Article ▶

Friends Testify That Casey Anthony Seemed Normal In Days Following Caylee's Disappearance

6 years ago 0
Those close to Casey claim she didn't act worried in the days after Caylee went missing! Casey's ex-boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro took the stand on May… Read Article ▶

Casey Anthony Trial — Her Defense Now Claims She Was Sexually Abused By Dad!

6 years ago 9
Casey's attorney, Jose Baez, is trying to get sympathy for the mom accused of murdering her 2-year-old. What do you think? The death of Caylee… Read Article ▶
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