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Bridalplasty Contestant Murdered

‘Bridalplasty’ Contestant Murdered: Student Confesses To Beating Her To Death With Hammer

5 months ago 0
How devastating! Former 'Bridalplasty' contestant Lisa Marie Naegle's disappearance is no longer a mystery. One of her students has confessed to… Read Article ▶
Image Courtesy of KTLA/Courtesy of Facebook
Bridalplasty Murder Suspect Caught Lying

‘Bridalplasty’ Star’s Family Allegedly Catches Murder Suspect In Lie With Surveillance Video

5 months ago 1
There's a possible breakthrough in the case of the missing 'Bridalplasty' contestant. Lisa Marie Naegle's family allegedly caught her friend Jackie… Read Article ▶
COurtesy of TMZ
Bridalplasty Contestant Missing

Bridalplasty’ Contestant Missing: Student Arrested On Suspicion Of Murder

5 months ago 2
How disturbing! Former 'Bridalplasty' contestant Lisa Marie Naegle has vanished after leaving a friend's birthday party in Southern California. Now… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of KTLA/Courtesy of Instagram

'Bridalplasty' Recap — Allyson Wins It All & We Say Farewell To World's Most Horrible Person Jenessa!

6 years ago 19
Allyson, one of the few actual decent human beings on this trainwreck of a show wins it all! Horray? After a lifetime of lows including… Read Article ▶

'Bridalplasty' Recap: The Ladies Get A Visit From Their Mothers-In-Law — Let's Pray They Tell Their Sons To Run!

6 years ago 3
The ladies take a trip outdoors to frighten the locals with their still healing surgeries in this week's exciting chapter! After an entire season… Read Article ▶

'Bridalplasty' Recap: E! Host Giuliana Rancic Is Horrified To See The Brides' Floral Knowledge!

6 years ago 8
The trainwreck that officially refuses to crash chugs on for yet another week with the brides proving they have no talent for floral work! The… Read Article ▶

‘Bridalplasty’ Recap — Idiot Women & The Plastic Surgeons Who Love Them!

6 years ago 3
The 'Bridalplasty' brain trust is back for another fun filled week -- do you think we could start a campaign to exile these women once this show is… Read Article ▶

‘Bridalplasty’ Recap — The ‘Ugly’ Ladies With No Souls Return For Another Fun Filled Week!

6 years ago 0
The 'Bridalplasty' brain trust is back for another fun filled week -- do you think we could start a campaign to exile these women once this show is… Read Article ▶

'Bridalplasty' Recap — Cheyenne Gets A New Nose, Jessica Gets Sent Home & We All Die A Little Inside!

6 years ago 2
The shallow theatrics continue on America's favorite new reality show with the 'brides' getting a chance to practice their vows this week! At a time… Read Article ▶

‘Bridalplasty’ Recap: It’s Not As Bad As You Think, It Is Actually Somehow Worse!

6 years ago 1
Where oh where to begin. 12 women, massive body overhauls, injection parties and loads of drinking. This show is a train wreck, albeit one that no… Read Article ▶

'Bridalplasty' — 12 Completely Lovely Looking Women Compete For Plastic Surgery & Their Dream Wedding!

7 years ago 4
Yep, this is actually happening! Where to even begin with television's latest reality show, the most surefire sign of the apocalypse we have seen… Read Article ▶
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