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34 Breastfeeding Articles
Kate Middleton Breastfeeding

Kate Middleton: Pressured To Breastfeed Royal Baby

3 years ago 5
Kate is already a major role model for new and expecting mothers around the world, so she is facing serious added pressures to motherhood. Do YOU… Read Article ▶
Breastfeeding Mom

Mother Kicked Out Of Library In Minnesota For Breastfeeding

4 years ago 38
'Time' magazine recently sparked a debate over the appropriate age to breastfeed a child with their controversial cover. Now, the appropriate place… Read Article ▶
Breastfeeding Success Rates

Breastfeeding Success Rates Low — Only One-Third Of New Moms Succeed

4 years ago 1
A new study says that out of 85 percent of new mothers who breastfeed, only a third of them actually succeed in doing so. With plenty of new moms… Read Article ▶
Military Moms Breastfeeding

Military Moms Breastfeeding In Uniform — Photo Sparks Outrage

4 years ago 66
Wild outrage erupts after a picture of military moms Terran Echegoyen-McCabe & Christina Luna nursing their babies surfaces on Facebook. Is it gross… Read Article ▶

Kendra Wilkinson Drank Her Own Breast Milk! Is This Normal or Gross?

5 years ago 8
The former 'Girl Next Door,' admits that when her boobs 'leaked' at parties, she'd go in the bathroom and breastfeed herself! I don't know if this… Read Article ▶

Mayim Bialik STILL Breastfeeds Her 3-Year-Old Son! Is This Wrong Or Perfectly Normal?

5 years ago 15
The mom-of-two shared a picture of herself breastfeeding three-year-old Fred on the NYC subway -- is this weird or what?! In a new blog post for… Read Article ▶

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants A Boob Job To Fix The Damage Caused By Breastfeeding! Does She Need It?

5 years ago 2
The actress admits that at 38, she's ready to break her vow never to tamper with her body -- so she can restore her breasts to their former… Read Article ▶

Ohio Mother Harrassed & Called 'Disgusting' For Breastfeeding At A Public Pool!

5 years ago 28
Now, Chrissy Houtz is fighting back, saying she has the right to nurse "wherever and whenever" her baby wants to! Chrissy Houtz of Huron County… Read Article ▶

Pregnant Jewel Donates 2,600 Nursing Bras To Breastfeeding Moms In Need!

5 years ago 0
The singer partnered with Bravado! and Baby Buggy to support at-risk mothers and help to spread breastfeeding awareness. Jewel, who is expecting… Read Article ▶

Michigan Mom Kicked Off A Bus For Breastfeeding!

5 years ago 15
Afrykayn Moon was nursing her two week old son Zomon when the FEMALE driver told her to cover up or get off. When she refused, the driver arranged… Read Article ▶

Kourtney Kardashian & Bethenny Love Milkstars Clothing Line — Staying Fashionable While Breastfeeding!

5 years ago 1
Attention, new moms! You don't have to give up being a Fashionista just because you are breastfeeding! One mom has solved the problem for you! From… Read Article ▶

New Moms Cashing In Online Thanks To Excess Breast Milk!

5 years ago 0
Would you sell your breast milk for cash? It's the hot trend among new mommies! Women all around the country are selling their breast milk for cash… Read Article ▶
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