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25 Boyfriend Articles
Justin Bieber The Hunger Games

Justin Bieber Admits: I Fell Asleep During 'The Hunger Games'

5 years ago 25
We told you Justin hit up the midnight showing of 'The Hunger Games' on March 23 and it turns out he didn't make it all the way through the… Read Article ▶

Justin Bieber Reveals What Makes Him A Good Boyfriend

5 years ago 1
We already know Selena Gomez is head-over-heels for Justin -- but now we know why! If you're going to put out a song called "Boyfriend," you'd better… Read Article ▶
Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Is His Hottest & Best Single Yet

5 years ago 4
I'm officially on board with the new grown up Bieber and I have 'Boyfriend' on repeat! Do you? I finally understand why thousands of girls have… Read Article ▶

Justin Bieber Releases 'Boyfriend' Teaser Video

5 years ago 2
Justin steps into the studio in this brand-new video -- we can't wait to hear him sing! We're just three days away from the release of Justin… Read Article ▶
Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber Posts Picture Of His Hunky James Dean Look For 'Boyfriend' Cover

5 years ago 4
The Biebs just grew up! He tweeted a smokin' new photo of himself for the cover of his single, "Boyfriend," debuting March 26. And wow Justin -- you… Read Article ▶

Justin Bieber Reveals All The Lyrics To 'Boyfriend' — Is It About Selena Gomez?

5 years ago 35
Justin sings about being a 'gentleman' and spending all his money on a girl in his soon-to-be-hit single! Justin Bieber is counting down to the March… Read Article ▶

What's Going On Paris Hilton? That Bathing Suit Clearly Reveals A Bump!

6 years ago 2
Paris Hilton's bulging bathing suit definitely adds fuel to the pregnancy rumor fire! Is she going to be a mother in the New Year? Paris Hilton isn't… Read Article ▶

Amber Portwood's Been Spending All Her Money On Her Boyfriend And Can't Afford Christmas Gifts For Leah!

6 years ago 1
Amber Portwood has been blowing all the money she makes on Teen Mom on her new boyfriend, Clint Yunker, which means that her daughter Leah may not… Read Article ▶

What Would Possess This Woman To Try To Sell Her Newborn Grandson for $30,000?

6 years ago 0
Patty Bigbee has got to be the world's worst grandmother. She was caught in the act of attempting to sell her eight-week-old grandson! You can't put… Read Article ▶

Kim Kardashian Takes New Boyfriend Miles Austin To Meet The Family!

6 years ago 2
[caption id="attachment_156111" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption=""][/caption] The hot new couple enjoy a yacht ride in NYC to… Read Article ▶

Lauren Graham Explains Why She's Okay With Being 42 And Single

7 years ago 0
[caption id="attachment_71155" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Matthew Rolston for the March 2010 issue of "More""][/caption] Who says being… Read Article ▶

The Stars Are Aligned For Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler! Do You Think They'd Last?

7 years ago 19
Do you think Jen and Gerard are perfect for each other? One astrological forecast says they definitely are! America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston… Read Article ▶
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