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24 botox Articles
Botox In Your 20s

Botox For My Birthday: Why I Got Botox At Just 25 Years Old

12 months ago 3
There's a certain negative connotation that comes with the word Botox. Frozen faces devoid of emotion and unnaturally smooth foreheads are an image… Read Article ▶

Hot Stories You Missed Today, June 24, On HollyBaby!

6 years ago 0
Wonder what happened to Botox Mom; how Amber is getting on after her suicide bid; what Leah Messer & the Duggars are up to; the latest on the Casey… Read Article ▶

Sheena Upton, Fake Botox Mom, Could Lose Custody Of Her Kids!

6 years ago 2
Sheena aka Kerry Campbell could lose custody of both of her kids after claiming she injected her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox! And the… Read Article ▶

Botox-Injecting Mom Kerry Campbell Loses Custody Of 8-Year-Old Daughter!

6 years ago 16
Is this a good thing? After Child Services ran an investigation into the Botox case, 8-year-old Britney was taken away from her… Read Article ▶

Top Stories You Missed Today, May 13, On HollyBaby!

6 years ago 0
It was a busy Friday here at HollyBaby, but don't fret! If you missed the scoop, we have it all here! Hey HollyMoms and Dads! From new mom Mariah… Read Article ▶

Question of the Day: Should Botox Mom, Kerry Campbell, Lose Custody Of Her 8-Year-Old Daughter?

6 years ago 2
Kerry openly discussed giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox, as well as waxing the child's legs, in order to make her a star. Now 34-year-old mother… Read Article ▶

Kerry Campbell, Mom Who Gave 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox, Under Investigation by SF Child Services!

6 years ago 10
The mother -- and we use the term loosely -- who injected her daughter Britney with the face-freezing toxin is being investigated. Should Kerry… Read Article ▶

Mom Injects Her 7-Year-Old Daughter With Botox And Lip Fillers! Is This Crazy Or What?

6 years ago 9
And wait, that's not all. Thanks to her mom, 7-year-old Bree Evans' eyebrows are tattooed on her face! This just crosses a serious line. Desperate… Read Article ▶

Did Michelle Obama Get A Facelift? Top Plastic Surgeons Speak Out!

6 years ago 29
Has the First Lady gone under the knife? Is she using Botox or fillers to get her perfectly smooth look? These days, Botox is as common as getting a… Read Article ▶

Nicole Kidman — Lay Off The Botox! Your Face Looks Frozen!

6 years ago 8
Nicole looks great at the Academy of Country Music Awards -- but we're freaked out by her expressionless face! Nicole Kidman looked stunning on the… Read Article ▶

Mother Injects Her 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox So She Can 'Become A Star!'

6 years ago 12
Is this sick or what? A Toddlers & Tiaras-esque mom thinks it's OK to perform monthly "virgin waxes" on her 8-year-old. Some mothers just don't… Read Article ▶

Breaking Beauty News: Nicole Kidman Admits She's Used Botox!

6 years ago 1
The Oscar-winning actress has fessed up to using the injectable, but says that she didn't like the results! There have been YEARS of speculation… Read Article ▶
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Plastic Surgery Confessions: Nicole Kidman’s Botox & Kim Kardashian’s Lip Enhancement!

6 years ago 5
Nicole says she's tried Botox, but no longer uses it. Kim says she's had Botox as well, but didn't get her lips done -- it was just the flu that made… Read Article ▶

Celebrity Medical Experts Agree: Fillers, Botox & Laser Treatments Gave Gwyneth Paltrow Her Puffy New Face!

6 years ago 2
Gwyneth's gotten a round of fillers, Botox and a final touch with a laser to make her look more youthful! Have you seen this recent photo of… Read Article ▶
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Has Jennifer Lopez Had Work Done? Expert Docs Say Yes!

7 years ago 30
Celebrity experts agree -- she's had 'injectables in her forehead and cheeks!' Was this necessary for someone already so gorgeous? Vote now! So, I… Read Article ▶
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