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Bobbi Kristina Engaged

It Would Be A Bad Idea For Bobbi Kristina Brown To Get Engaged Now

3 years ago 7 consulted with a leading psychotherapist, who told us Bobbi Kristina Brown is 'too vulnerable' following Whitney Houston's death to… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Nicholas Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown & Nicholas Gordon: Happily In Love During Shopping Spree Today

3 years ago 4
Two eyewitnesses tell exclusively Bobbi Kristina Brown and her 'adopted' brother Nicholas Gordon couldn't have seemed happier… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Wedding

Bobbi Kristina: Cissy Houston Won't Stop Me From Marrying My 'Adopted' Brother

3 years ago 10
Bobbi Kristina wants to tie the knot with Nicholas Gordon, but has EXCLUSIVE information that her grandmother Cissy is 'worried… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina's Engagement Ring Belongs To Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kristina's Engagement Ring Belonged To Mom Whitney Houston

3 years ago 7
Bobbi Kristina is indeed engaged to Nick Gordon and is wearing the ring that Whitney wore at the time of her death, says a source. Bobbi Kristina… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Brown Nicholas Gordon

Nicholas Gordon Doesn't Deny Engagement With Bobbi Kristina

3 years ago 3
Nicholas doesn't say 'no' when questioned about his controversial relationship with Bobbi by a paparazzo! Do YOU think this is healthy? Bobbi… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina: I'm Not Committing Incest

Bobbi Kristina: Dating My 'Adopted Brother' Is Not Incest

3 years ago 6
Ahh, teenage rebellion. Bobbi Kristina doesn't give a flip about Grandma Cissy's accusations that her romance with Nick Gordon is 'incestuous.' Bobbi… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Nicholas Gordon Wedding

Bobbi Kristina Brown & 'Adopted' Brother: Planning Quickie Vegas Wedding?

3 years ago 20
Bobbi Kristina is admitting t0 friends that her love with Nicholas Gordon is real and NOT incest -- can YOU believe they may get married… Read Article ▶

Nicholas Gordon Isn't Ready To Marry Bobbi Kristina Brown, Expert Says

3 years ago 1
With news breaking that 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina is engaged to her 'brother' Nicholas Gordon, experts say their body language is a firm indicator… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Brown Nicholas Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown & 'Adopted Brother' Nicholas Gordon Kissing — Here's The Pic

3 years ago 5
We told you that Bobbi Kristina and Nicholas were making out in front of Romeo's Pizza in Atlanta -- and now you can see it for yourself! Bobbi… Read Article ▶
Cissy Houston Nicholas Gordon

Cissy Houston Cannot Legally Evict Nicholas Gordon From Whitney's House, Lawyers Say

3 years ago 13
Whitney's mother Cissy may think Bobbi Kristina's relationship with Nicholas is 'incestuous,' but she has no legal right to kick him out. Bobbi… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Engagement Ring?

Bobbi Kristina: Wearing A Huge Engagement Ring?

3 years ago 13
Bobbi Kristina was caught wearing a ginormous sparkly on her ring finger! Despite Nick Gordon denying a romantic relationship with 18-year-old Bobbi… Read Article ▶
Bobbi Kristina Nicholas Gordon Love

Bobbi Kristina Brown Tweets Support Of Romance With 'Adopted' Brother

3 years ago 14
Bobbi Kristina retweeted a VERY pointed message on March 13, in support of her scandalous relationship with Nicholas Gordon, after NOT tweeting for… Read Article ▶
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