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Breaking Dawn Interview

'Breaking Dawn' Spoiler: Director Dishes On Secret Edward Scene!

6 years ago 8
Director Bill Condon confirms there will be a Robert Pattinson scene in the film that's NOT in the books -- find out what it is! Get… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Director Compares Bella's Birth Scene To A 'Horror Movie!'

6 years ago 13
As if childbirth wasn't terrifying enough, Bill Condon explains how 'Breaking Dawn' managed a PG-13 rating -- despite all the blood. Breaking Dawn… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Insider: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart 'Rocked' The Birth Scene!

6 years ago 2
The so-in-love couple channeled some intense emotion for one of the series' central scenes! We know Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are acting… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Insider: DVD Will Be Full Of Exclusive Deleted Scenes!

6 years ago 24
We're already excited for our favorite vampires to come out on DVD -- and they haven't even hit theatres yet! Breaking Dawn's director, Bill Condon… Read Article ▶

Why The 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Scene Was So Tough To Film Reveals Insider!

6 years ago 1
What's so tricky for vampires holding an outdoor wedding? You guessed it -- sunlight! An insider reveals the fears about shooting Bella's… Read Article ▶
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Kristen Stewart Looks So Toned & Fit In Latest Behind The Scenes 'Breaking Dawn' Pic!

6 years ago 8
This great new image shows her deep in conversation with Robert Pattinson and director Bill Condon on set! It's no surprise Kristen Stewart is one of… Read Article ▶

Bill Condon: Edward & Bella's Sex Scene Is Realistic Because Rob & Kristen Are 'So Comfortable With Each Other'

6 years ago 7
The 'Breaking Dawn' director tells MTV Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made everything 'kind of fun' while filming their honeymoon scene! Bill… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Director Bill Condon: Why Edward And Bella's Sex Scene Is So Romantic!

6 years ago 8
We can't wait to see Edward and Bella's much-anticipated love scene on their honeymoon and Bill Condon explains why he didn't make it very… Read Article ▶

Bill Condon: I Directed 'Twilight' Because I Had A Crush On Kristen Stewart!

6 years ago 4
Bill Condon took a breather from the Comic-Con festivities and gave some hints about the upcoming 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' film. He also admitted his… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Director Reveals There May Be A 'Twilight' Spin-Off At Comic-Con!

6 years ago 2
Bill Condon gives hope to Twilight fans everywhere by revealing he thinks there may be more stories, and possible movies, to come! Twilight fans at… Read Article ▶

Rob Pattinson Pissed About 'Breaking Dawn' Photo Leak: 'It's Just Ridiculous!'

6 years ago 9
Rob asks 'Twilight' fans to help correct the issue at hand: 'Mobilize and destroy' the culprits -- 'PUNISH THEM!' Robert Pattinson is super upset… Read Article ▶

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Romantic Night Stranded In Brazil!

6 years ago 2
It appears the 'Twilight' twosome got their own little romantic escape while filming their honeymoon scene in 'Breaking Dawn' -- though they had to… Read Article ▶

'Breaking Dawn' Director Says Edward Cullen Is More Like Robert Pattinson In Final Films!

6 years ago 4
Bill Condon, the director of the final two 'Twilight' installments, says Edward and Rob are far more alike in the the saga's final chapter! For any… Read Article ▶

First Image From 'Breaking Dawn' Released — Robert Pattinson & Kristen's Stewart's First Night Together!

7 years ago 7
Happy holidays Twihards! Director Bill Condon has released the film's first image, of Bella the morning after she and Edward first have sex! As most… Read Article ▶

Oscar-Winning Director Bill Condon Is Definitely Going To Direct ‘Breaking Dawn’!

7 years ago 0
Summit Entertainment has confirmed that the Dreamgirls director has officially signed on to direct Rob, Kristen & their crew in the fourth… Read Article ▶
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