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Kanye West Disses Beck Album

Kanye West Slams Beck In Crazy Club Rant: Has Anybody Even Heard His Album? Watch

1 year ago 8
He's at it again! Kanye West went on a crazy rant while partying at 1Oak on Feb. 23, and he went OFF on Beck while complaining about his lack of… Read Article ▶
Getty/Courtesy of 1Oak

Paul McCartney Rejected From Tyga’s Grammy Party In Video — See His Epic Reaction

1 year ago 3
The unimaginable happened after the 2016 Grammys -- Sir Paul McCartney got turned away from an after party not once, but twice! The rock legend was… Read Article ▶
REX/Courtesy of TMZ
Jim Carrey Cathriona White Scientology

Cathriona White: Jim Carrey’s Ex Was Scientologist Taking ‘Survival’ Course Before Death

2 years ago 3
Cathriona White, Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend who tragically committed suicide on Sept. 28, was reportedly a Scientologist! Cat was allegedly involved… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Instagram/Getty Images
Beck Taylor Swift Duet

Taylor Swift & Beck Team Up For Epic Duet After Both Being Dissed By Kanye West

2 years ago 5
Taylor Swift and Beck have one very important thing in common: They were both interrupted by Kanye West while accepting prominent awards. Now, the… Read Article ▶
beck kanye west apology

Kanye West’s Shocking Apology To Beck: Did Kris Jenner Force Him To Say Sorry?

2 years ago 6
So, why did Kanye West decided to apologize to Beck all these weeks later? EXCLUSIVELY found out that Kris Jenner made him do it… Read Article ▶
Getty/Courtesy of Instagram
Kanye West Apologizes Beck

Kanye West Finally Apologizes To Beck After Shocking Grammys Diss — Sincere?

2 years ago 1
It's been nearly three weeks since Kanye dissed Beck in a bizarre post-Grammys rant, but the rapper finally apologized to the album of the year… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CBS
Beyonce Beck Mash Up

Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’ & Beck ‘Loser’ Mashup Surfaces Online — Listen

2 years ago 1
The battle between Team Beyonce and Team Beck may come to an end after divided fans listen to this awesome new mashup! 'Single Loser (Put a Beck on… Read Article ▶

Kanye West Will Boycott Grammys Until Producers ‘Fix’ Voting System

2 years ago 19
Here he goes again! Kanye West is slamming The Grammys, AGAIN -- this time vowing never to return unless something is done about the voting… Read Article ▶
50 Cent Disses Beyonce

50 Cent Disses Beyonce: Beck Is Way More Talented Than Her — Watch

2 years ago 41
50 Cent threw out some fightin' words during a recent interview in which he said Beck totally deserved to win the Album Of The Year Grammy over… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of People, Getty
Kanye West Insulting Beck

Kanye West: Shut Up & Stop Insulting Beck & Other Artists

2 years ago 45
Kanye -- contrary to what you may think, you are not the center of the universe. You are not the world's only artist or only critic. And you have no… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CBS
taylor swift reaction kanye west

Taylor Swift Furious Over Kanye West’s ‘Massive Ego’ & Grammys Slam

2 years ago 33
The world was stunned as Kanye West jokingly tried to interrupt Beck during his acceptance speech at the Grammys but nobody was more disappointment… Read Article ▶
Getty/Courtesy of CBS
Kanye West Grammys Diss

Kanye West New Grammys Slam: Beck Knows Beyonce Should’ve Won – Watch

2 years ago 18
Geez, Kanye! The rapper dissed Beck again as he arrived in NYC on Feb. 9 and went on another rant about how Beck knows Beyonce should have taken home… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CBS
Beck Kanye West Grammys Diss

Beck Responds To Kanye West’s Diss: So ‘Excited’ He Came On Stage, Praises Beyonce

2 years ago 2
Beck's the best. got the chance to talk to the big Grammy winner about that shocking Kanye diss, and he admitted that he wasn't… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CBS
Kanye West Disses Beck

Kanye West Disses Beck: Beyonce Should’ve Won Grammy For Album Of The Year

2 years ago 73
Kanye West is still Team Beyonce! After the 2015 Grammys, he went on a HUGE rant at an after party, saying that Beck needs to 'have some respect' -… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of E!
Jay Z Beyonce Kanye West Interrupting

Jay Z & Beyonce’s Hilarious Reaction To Kanye West’s Grammys Prank — Watch

2 years ago 24
Kanye West gave Beyoncé and Jay Z quite the scare at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, when he pretended to interrupt Beck after he won Best… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Of CBS
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