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‘Awkward’ Recap: A Fan-Favorite Character Uncovers A Shocking Secret

1 day ago 1
The drama is heating up on 'Awkward' and senior year at Palos Hills is anything but boring. The April 22 episode of Awkward dropped many, many… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Season 4 Spoilers Jillian Rose Reed Interview

‘Awkward’s Jillian Rose Reed Dishes On Hook Ups, Break Ups, & New Kids

1 day ago 0
It's a brand new season of Awkward, which means we are in for a fresh batch of teenage angst and high school drama! Jillian Rose Reed spoke… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Minh Bui

‘Awkward’ Premiere Recap: Jenna & Matty Rekindle Their Sexy Romance

1 week ago 0
Senior year is here! The April 15 season premiere of 'Awkward' was filled with many, many changes for our Palos Hills teens. The April 15 season… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Premiere Jillian Rose Reed

‘Awkward’ Premiere: Jake & Tamara Headed For Splitsville? — WATCH

1 week ago 2
'Awkward' premieres tonight on MTV and we can't wait for Season 4 because everyone is hooking up and breaking up! Actress Jillian Rose Reed… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Season 4 Trailer

‘Awkward’ Season 4 Trailer: Who Hooks Up And Who Breaks Up?

1 month ago 3
'Awkward' doesn't return until April 15, but we've got your first look at the new season today. It's senior year and college is on the horizon, which… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Season Finale

‘Awkward’: Beau Mirchoff Talks Finale Twist, Jenna & Matty In Season 4

4 months ago 64
Beau drops some major spoilers about season 4, including Matty's plans -- or lack thereof -- for the future. Awkward wrapped its third season Dec… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Jenna Collin Split

‘Awkward’ Preview Clip: Are Jenna & Collin Finally Breaking Up?

5 months ago 0
Watch our exclusive preview of Jenna & Collin's big fight from the Nov. 26 episode of 'Awkward,' then weigh in on the drama! No matter how much… Read Article ▶
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Awkward Season 3 Episode 11

‘Awkward’ Recap: Jenna & Collin’s Affair Spirals Out Of Control

6 months ago 10
When Jenna gets sloppy about getting sloppy with Collin, her blog isn't the only thing that goes public. When we last left Jenna Hamilton (Ashley… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
Awkward Season 3B Spoilers

‘Awkward’ Star Jillian Rose Reed Previews Jenna’s Affair: ‘It Gets Real’

6 months ago 1
Jillian gives a sneak peek at the emotional carnage ahead, including how Jenna's bad behavior will affect Jake and Tamara! With… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
Awkward Season 3B Video

‘Awkward’ Preview Clip: Jenna Lies To Matty On Her Birthday

8 months ago 2
A new clip from the second half of 'Awkward's' third season has arrived! Witness Jenna reach new levels of awful. The following two statements… Read Article ▶
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Nikki Deloach Labor

Nikki DeLoach: Actress Anticipated Labor During ‘NSYNC’s VMA Reunion

8 months ago 1
Apparently the 'Awkward' star was very excited about 'NSYNC's VMA reunion. She even predicted that she was going to go into labor whenever the iconic… Read Article ▶
Awkward Season 3 Return Date

‘Awkward’ Season 3 Return Date Announced

8 months ago 1
Mark your calendars, 'Awkward' fans! We're exactly two months away from 10 affair-packed episodes. Ready for round two? MTV just announced that the… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
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