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12 autism Articles
Woman Birthday Cards Autistic Cousin

Maine Woman Makes Touching Plea For Birthday Cards For 18-Year-Old Autistic Cousin

12 months ago 0
Wow, this is SO sweet! After a pic of Rebecca Lyn's 18-year-old Autistic cousin sitting alone at her last birthday party went viral, the Maine native… Read Article ▶
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study father autism schizophrenia

New Study Links Father’s Age To Autism & Schizophrenia

5 years ago 4
Scientists have found that the older a man is when he fathers a baby, the more of a risk the child has of developing autism and schizophrenia… Read Article ▶
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Ozzy Osbourne Helps Rescue Missing 8-Year-Old Autistic Boy! He's A Hero!

6 years ago 3
Rescuers cranked up Ozzy's hit song 'No More Tears' after autism experts suggested it might help Joshua Robb find his way to safety after a… Read Article ▶
Autistic Children's Siblings Are MORE Likely To Develop The Disorder, New Study Says!

Autistic Children's Siblings Are MORE Likely To Develop The Disorder, New Study Says!

6 years ago 1
Kids have a one-in-five chance of developing autism if they have a brother or sister with the condition and a ONE-IN-THREE risk if more than one of… Read Article ▶

New Study: Two-Thirds of Autism-Afflicted Kids Aren't Diagnosed — And It's Their Parents' Fault!

6 years ago 3
New research suggests one-in-38 children has some form of autism. That's three times as many as previously claimed! The comprehensive study claims… Read Article ▶

Check Out The Trailer For 'Fly Away' — An Inspiring Story Of A Mother Raising An Autistic Child

6 years ago 2
The writer/director Janet Grillo gives insight into why she feels the need to spread the word about autism awareness. Fly Away tells… Read Article ▶

Jenny McCarthy's Son Suffers A Seizure — OMG! Get Well Soon, Evan!

6 years ago 9
Eight-year-old Evan was rushed to hospital on Sunday after suffering a seizure. His mom asks for your prayers! Evan fell ill Feb. 13, and was… Read Article ▶

Claire Danes' Uplifting Message To Parents: 'Autism Exists On A Spectrum — It's Important We Know How To Work With It!'

6 years ago 0
The SAG award winner used her acceptance speech to discuss about the importance of understanding autism. Way to go, Claire! Parents can take comfort… Read Article ▶

Think Your Baby's Brainy? Well You're Right! A New Study Shows Part Of The Brain Is Fully Developed At 9 Months!

6 years ago 0
The astonishing results show tiny tots are already processing complex information before they can walk and talk. Prepare to be amazed by your… Read Article ▶

A 4-Year-Old Boy Has A Phobia About Food And Hasn't Eaten In Four Years! How Sad!

6 years ago 1
After a bad case of acid reflux as an infant, the 4-year-old has been afraid of food ever since. What would you do if your child just refused to eat… Read Article ▶

Bonnie Says: Jenny McCarthy — Childhood Vaccines DO NOT Cause Autism! It's Time for You to Renounce Your Claim. Children's Lives Are at Stake!

7 years ago 191
[caption id="attachment_203520" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption]A new study about to be published in the October issue… Read Article ▶

New Report Says: Jenny McCarthy’s Son May Not Have Had Autism After All

7 years ago 758
[caption id="attachment_77436" align="alignnone" width="544"] Getty Images[/caption] After years of speaking out about her son's autism — and… Read Article ▶