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Michele Bachmann Reveals A 'Devastating' Miscarriage Led Her To Foster 23 Children!

5 years ago 0
The Minnesota Republican, who is being compared to Sarah Palin, admits the experience inspired her to change her life and rethink the meaning of… Read Article ▶

Are 'Teen Mom' & '16 And Pregnant' Making People Pro-Choice? New Study!

5 years ago 4
A new study shows that Americans who have seen these MTV shows are more likely to believe that abortion should be legalized. What do YOU think? Teen… Read Article ▶

Dumped Boyfriend Takes Out Billboard Ad Accusing His Ex Of KILLING Their Unborn Baby!

5 years ago 4
The shocking poster shows Greg Fulz cradling the outline of a newborn baby and the words: 'This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If… Read Article ▶
'Teen Mom' Hater Chelsea Handler Confesses: 'I Had An Abortion When I Was 16' And It Was The Right Thing To Do!

'Teen Mom' Hater Chelsea Handler Confesses: 'I Had An Abortion When I Was 16' And It Was The Right Thing To Do!

5 years ago 17
The talk show host discusses her hatred for the 'Teen Mom' phenomenon, admitting that the MTV shows make her 'want to kill somebody.' Do you agree… Read Article ▶

Mom Who Aborted Babies Because of Morning Sickness Is Trying To Get Pregnant Again!

5 years ago 15
Why does this British mom-of-two think the next time will be different for her? Read on to learn about her plan... Claire Barwell terminated… Read Article ▶

Doctors Say Abortions Are Safer Than Having A Baby. Really??

5 years ago 13
New guidelines from doctors in England persuades women to have abortions. Are they serious!? 18 senior gynecologists, nurses and abortion… Read Article ▶

'House' Star Lisa Edelstein Stars In Controversial 'Right To Choose' Ad — What's Your View?

5 years ago 0
The medical show actress joins with take on national Republican legislation in a dramatic new ad  --- "We Won't Go… Read Article ▶

Pregnant Woman Mistakenly Given Abortion Drug By Her Pharmacist! OMG! How Could This Happen?

5 years ago 7
Is this your worst nightmare HollyMoms-to-be? Now the woman fears that the drug error will cause her to miscarry. This is the mother of all mix-ups… Read Article ▶

Teen Birth Rates Hit An All-Time Low. Hopefully Shows Like 'Teen Mom' Won't Change That Statistic

5 years ago 1
The birth rates of American teens fell to the lowest point in nearly 70 years of record-keeping in 2009. What's going on? Is it the recession or… Read Article ▶

A Canadian Woman Chose To Get Rid Of One Twin While Pregnant. Could You Do That?

5 years ago 52
An Ontario-based couple, both in their 40s, decided to "reduce" their pregnancy from twins to a single fetus through a procedure that is becoming… Read Article ▶

Pete and Alisha Arnold Want You To Decide If They Should Have An Abortion

6 years ago 4
The Minneapolis couple created a website to let the general public to decide the fate of their unborn child. "We are taking this very seriously," the… Read Article ▶

Controversy: Couple Pushed Surrogate To Abort Their Fetus Because It Had Down Syndrome

6 years ago 80
When a Canadian couple learned that the baby their surrogate was carrying had Down syndrome, they urged her to get an abortion. What would you do in… Read Article ▶
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