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One Tree Hill Reunion

‘One Tree Hill’ Cast Reunites: Filming A Reunion Episode?

1 month ago 10
What the what?! The cast of 'One Tree Hill' got back together on Oct. 18 -- are they filming a reunion episode of the beloved CW series? See the… Read Article ▶
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Louis Tomlinson One Tree Hill

Louis Tomlinson Admits: I Cried When Keith Died On ‘One Tree Hill’

2 years ago 4
The One Directioner reveals he has impeccable taste in television, as well as a heart of gold. For reasons unknown, Louis Tomlinson has always been… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Series Finale: 24 Moments That Made Us Cry

3 years ago 59
Warning: Don't read this post until you've watched the 'One Tree Hill' series finale. It contains so many beautiful spoilers. Mark Schwahn told me he… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Creator Talks Dan's Redemption & Saying Goodbye

3 years ago 5
The mastermind behind 'One Tree Hill' weighs in on one of the series' most debated story lines: Was Dan Scott officially redeemed? Well, kids, the… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Series Finale: What Fans Will (And Won't) See

3 years ago 28
Creator Mark Schwahn tells about the wedding, the 'surprises,' and the moment that gave him 'chills.' One Tree Hill airs its final… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Series Finale Pics: Nathan Returns To Say Goodbye

3 years ago 3
The series finale of 'One Tree Hill' is just two days away! Is your heart prepared? The whole gang is coming together for the One Tree Hill series… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Which Couple Is Finally Engaged?

3 years ago 5
The March 28 episode brought smiles, waterworks & a major step for one fan-favorite couple! As One Tree Hill's series finale inches closer and closer… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Dan Scott Says Goodbye

3 years ago 40
Dan finally earns his son's love & gets a surprise visitor from 'Tree Hill' past! This was the most emotional episode of the season. Jamie's (Jackson… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Scoop: Paul Johansson Previews Dan's Life-Or-Death Episode

3 years ago 11
Hide the sharp objects! Paul says tomorrow night's 'One Tree Hill' is going to be a nail-biter! In case you weren't able to tell from the intense… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Dan Makes A Major Sacrifice For Nathan

3 years ago 6
Is Dan dying? Is Brooke OK? This week's 'One Tree Hill' was insane! The March 14 episode of One Tree Hill was the most action-packed hour of the… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Xavier Gets His Revenge On Brooke & Julian

3 years ago 4
The March 7 episode of 'One Tree Hill' gave a whole new meaning to the song 'Rock-a-bye Baby. It's officially creepy now. Xavier Daniels (Devin… Read Article ▶

'One Tree Hill' Recap: Is Nathan Dead? Does Clay Have A Son?

3 years ago 16
Fans of Nathan Scott found out they can all rest easy -- for now! Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) was called down to the morgue to identify a body… Read Article ▶
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