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Bob Simon Dead: ’60 Minutes’ Correspondent Killed In Car Crash

1 year ago 6
So sad. Bob was killed when the Lincoln Town Car he was riding in crashed into another vehicle on the West Side Highway in Manhattan on Feb. 11… Read Article ▶
GettyCourtesy of RLJR News
Taylor Swift 60 Minutes

Taylor Swift Admits: Real Reason I Write Songs About My Exes

3 years ago 18
Taylor opened up during an in-depth interview on CBS' '60 Minutes' on Dec. 23 and revealed why she uses her past relationships to inspire her… Read Article ▶

Former Navy SEAL Releases Book About Killing Osama Bin Laden

4 years ago 4
Watch a preview clip from the SEAL's '60 Minutes' interview, in which he describes the lengths the American military went to in order to guarantee… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CBS
Mike Wallace Dead

Mike Wallace: Dead — ’60 Minutes’ Journalist Passes Away At 93

4 years ago 12
The '60 Minutes' journalist passed away on April 7 surrounded by his family -- such sad news. Mike Wallace, the legendary 60 Minutes journalist, has… Read Article ▶
Taylor Swift Toddler

Taylor Swift Sings 'Unchained Melody' As A Toddler — Watch

4 years ago 0
Check out this clip of Taylor Swift singing one of the hardest songs to master when she was barely old enough to walk! Five years ago, Taylor Swift… Read Article ▶
Angelina Jolie Drugs

Angelina Jolie: I'm 'Lucky' To Be Alive After All My 'Darker Times'

4 years ago 9
Angelina Jolie is surprised she didn't die already, after her wild younger years Angelina Jolie wasn't always the saint-like charitable mother of… Read Article ▶
Andy Rooney Dies At 92 — So Sad.

Andy Rooney Dies At 92 — So Sad.

4 years ago 2
The colorful '60 Minutes' commentator warmed our hearts with his interesting thoughts on life. Andy Rooney has passed away at 92. (more…) Read Article ▶

Andy Rooney Gives Tearful Goodbye In His Last Ever '60 Minutes' Sign Off: 'I Wish I Could Do This Forever'

5 years ago 0
After 1,097 essays, and 33 years at CBS, Andy has stepped down from his '60 Minutes' throne -- it won't be the same without him! Tears streamed… Read Article ▶

Andy Rooney Retiring From '60 Minutes' Sunday After 31 Years On Air!

5 years ago 0
On Sunday, after he completes his 1,087th essay, Andy will be retiring! We'll miss him! Andy Rooney, 92, will formally announce his decision at the… Read Article ▶

Lara Logan On Her Brutal Attack: 'Thoughts Of My Babies Kept Me Going'

5 years ago 0
Lara speaks out for the first time about the tragic attack that almost took her life. She says thoughts of her two children kept her alive! Lara… Read Article ▶

Lara Logan: 'No Doubt In My Mind I Was Dying' During Cairo Sex Assault!

5 years ago 0
Lara speaks out for the first time about the brutal attack that almost took her life! She says thoughts of her two children kept her alive! Lara… Read Article ▶

Happy Birthday, Katie Couric! You're 54 Today, January 7!

5 years ago 7
As one of the most well-loved female news anchors on television, Katie's career is soaring with every passing year. She was everybody's buddy as co… Read Article ▶
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