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Posted Mon, January 31, 2011 9:44am EDT

Oh No! Vote For The Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look From The 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners. Who didn’t exactly make the cut on the carpet last night? Read on and vote!

Even the best hair and makeup teams in the world can have an off day and these lovely ladies from the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards are a perfect example of that. It’s time to check out the stars that didn’t exactly make the grade and for the Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look from the night. Let’s review the contenders:

Oh, Nicole Kidman. I get the whole messy updo concept to go with your Nina Ricci dress, but it didn’t wind up looking polished. As a matter of fact, it looks like Walk of Shame hair.  Not terribly upset about the makeup, though but as an overall look, this didn’t work.

As reported previously, I depend on Helena Bonham Carter to bring the crazy and she, again, delivered like Domino’s.  The crazy can-can girl updo with a long curly ponytail was more appropriate for the Moulin Rouge than the red carpet. Also, I should not be able to see your lip liner.

It pains me to write this about Eva Longoria (because I love her) but this was all wrong. The orange glow, the intensely spiky eyelashes, the severely arched eyebrows – none of this works. Plus, there’s one thing that never works on the red carpet: visible double-stick tape. Check out under her armpit. Poor Eva!

Winona Ryder also worked another crazy look on the red carpet. What is happening with the Medusa hairstyle at the top? Why so much blush? A softer makeup look would have worked with the hair or a more refined hairstyle would have worked with the makeup, but the two in combination here is a disaster.

I know, I know – it’s like kicking a puppy, but I really didn’t like Jenna Fischer’s whole look. She needed something more dramatic to prevent looking washed out.  This looks like she just came from the gym. Not a good choice.

Oh, Christina Hendricks. I can see where this was going but it wound up in vampire chic territory. The hair’s a little too high at the crown and , while I love the dark eye makeup, it came off Goth with the black dress because she’s so pale.

Then there’s Melissa Leo. One, too much powder makes every line on your face more visible so take that down a notch for the Oscars. Two, curls with that neckline were not a good choice. Three, carry the color on your face all the way down your neck so your head and your decolletage aren’t two different colors.

Ok, so now it’s time to vote: which A-lister deserves Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look? Vote now!

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