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Posted Thu, July 22, 2010 4:33pm EDT

Hollywood's Worst Hair Days — Who's Having a Hair-trocity Right Now?

Something’s amiss in Hollywood these days. Have all the stylists gone on strike? We’re wondering because of this epidemic of bad hair that seems to be sweeping Tinseltown.

From Britney Spears’ missing extensions to Katie Holmes’ red carpet bed-head to Zac Efron’s frightening fauxhawk and Lindsay Lohan’s limp bleached prison locks, it seems that bad hair is in the air … and it’s contagious.

According to hair guru Oscar Blandi the summer heat can send people into a hair tizzy, causing them to experiment with new and sometimes entirely wrong hairstyles.

“The combination of intense heat and humidity can cause hair to grow and become extra puffy and most people do not know how to handle it so they experiment with crazy ways to keep hair tame. The tendency is to overstyle because hair has a tendency to look wild anyway,” Blandi told HollywoodLife.

Blandi thinks that Katie and Zac both fell prey to summer hair confusion.

“Katie’s hair is beautiful but too short for that size curl. It was probably an attempt to keep the hair from looking too frizzy but less is always more no matter what time of the month it is. The right product (Jasmine Oil) and larger barrel iron would have made this look a little more natural and flattering,” Blandi said.

And as for Zac, says Oscar, “Because his hair is so long and full the faux hawk looks overdone. This style work best when hair is a little shorter on the top so the ‘hawk’ doesn’t look too high. The humidity doesn’t help because it only amplifies this look.”

“Poor Britney just looks like she missed a visit to her hair dresser to tighten her extensions, but then why would she parade in front of the paparazzi?”

Britney Spears may want to consider revisiting her shaved head routine from a few years ago! What a mess! I remember seeing a tape of Anna Nicole Smith with the same extension exposure and thinking ‘How careless!’ If she were smart, she would brave it up and cut it all off and sport a sexy and sassy short do and give style starved beauty editors around the world something new to hype!,” says Gerry Leddy, a stylist with Pierre Michel salon.

And how could we forget our favorite jailbird Lindsay Lohan? The 24-year-old used to have beautiful red locks, now she has ugly golden-tinted hair that looks like a ratty haystack.

So who do you think is having the worst Hollywood hair day? Zac, Katie or Britney? Or maybe Katherine Heigl and crazy Miss Havisham curls? Renee Zellweger’s pixie that looks like Bradley Cooper might have cut it himself (while he had a hangover)? Or one of these other doozies?

— Jo Piazza

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