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Posted Tue, January 25, 2011 4:46pm EDT

Snooki, Lindsay Lohan & More: Who Has The Worst Spray Tan In Hollywood? See Pics & Vote!

Many celebs are known for having incredible skin… but ‘orange’ you glad you don’t look like THESE women?

There’s so much pressure in Hollywood to be fit, tan, and toned but some girls take it too far! There’s a fine line between looking beautifully sunkissed and being Hooter’s orange, but some stars are too caught up in looking fabulous to realize that they look more like oompa loompas than beach babes. With GTL (gym, tan, laundry) being the latest craze, girls across America have become obsessed with hitting the beds and looking bronze year-round. Cakey, streaky, and completely unnatural, there is nothing worse than a bad spray tan. Obsessive spray tanning is now an epidemic that affects more than just reality stars, even some of Tinsletown’s leading ladies have fallen sickness to the orange disease. Check out and vote which celebrities you think have the worst spray tans in Hollywood!

  • Snooki: This Jersey Shore dynamo is a repeat orange offender. On a recent episode of Jersey Shore, she said “The things I think I’m addicted to: bronzer, boys, and alcohol.” She also blamed President Obama for enacting the tanning tax as the reason why she has to give herself her own spray tans. I have seen her in person and can vouch that she looks more like a burnt sienna Crayola crayon than a bronzed guidette goddess.
  • Wynonna Judd: Unfortunately this fiery country singer’s skin tone has been known to match her glossy ginger locks, a look no redhead can rock! We’re glad she’s shed the pounds and looks fabulous but we hope the orange glow is the next thing she loses.
  • Charlize Theron: This Academy Award-winning  beauty has been looking more orange than ever, and her gorgeous blonde mane and pale complexion have been destroyed by a cheesy fake tan! We hope Charlize will find the light, and her days looking like an Academy Award will only be a short lived phase.
  • Lindsey Lohan: Hollywood’s favorite trainwreck derailed her beautiful looks when she started spraying her skin orange. No one looks good over bronzed, but its especially rough on girls who have her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair. We hope that now she’s recovered and healthy, she’ll ditch her mystic tan habit too!
  • The Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills: These women have all the money in the world and are obsessed with defying time and looking young and fabulous. But with all their nips, tucks, and tans they come across looking a lot older than they really are. All these women work hard to stay gorgeous, toned, and fit but their orange glows just distract from their natural beauty.
  • J-Woww: We all know that being tanned is part of the guidette, Jersey Shore lifestyle and is probably necessary to attract the “juicehead guido gorilla” these girls are looking for. But we think JWoww deserves better than the monkey men she’s been hanging out with and should lose the fake orange tan to attract the type of man who is worth her affections.
  • Christina Aguilera: This songstress superstar has made a lot of daring fashion statements with her risque style and “Dirrty” girl persona. But her bad spray tan makes her look more dirty than any scantily clad ensemble she’s ever rocked. She’s a beautiful, talented woman and loving mom who should focus more time on making music than getting orange.
  • Jessica Simpson: America’s sweetheart and one of Hollywood’s most criticized celebrities has been looking more country bumpkin than country glamorous with her botched spray tans. We know she has a lot on her plate with planning a wedding, but she should really take this time to ditch the tan and focus on becoming the blushing bride she really is.
  • Dina Lohan: Bad tans must run in the family. This fame obsessed Hollywood mom is obsessed with looking like her daughter and has even copied her orangey glow. We recommend that both Lindsey and Dina stop going to whoever does their tans and find a more productive way to spend mother daughter time together.
  • Eva Longoria: This lovely latin lady is the quintessential picture of beauty. Why she feels any pressure to improve her looks is a mystery to me, but her unfortunate encounter with fake tanning has done nothing but make this Hollywood icon look more like a desperate housewife. We know she’s coping with a lot after her split from husband Tony Parker, but we hope she takes another step in recovery and divorces the mystic.
  • Claire Danes: This American beauty is a standup lady and amazing actress, so we can’t help but wonder why she has fallen victim to bad spray tan. When accepting her Golden Globe she looked just as bronze as her trophy. We hope her awards show fever has been remedied so she never goes back to looking like a human trophy.

Who do YOU think has the worst spray tan in Hollywood?

— Nicole Fukuoka