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Posted Tue, September 21, 2010 11:14pm EDT

Andy Says: 'Teen Mom' Amber Is Out Of Control — Not Only Is She Bratty, But She's A Danger To Baby Leah!

Amber’s anger turned physical on the Sept. 21 episode of Teen Mom. Someone lock this girl up and throw away the key!

Some things never change — like Teen Mom star Amber. You can always count on her to swear mercilessly in front of her baby, Leah, and screech at once-fiancé Gary like he’s a pile of garbage. So imagine my surprise when that’s exactly what she did on the show’s Sept. 21 episode. As seen in the above photo, she nearly started hitting Gary in front of Leah, as she hurled obscenities at him, screaming “Get the f**k out!”

She finally lets Gary sleep over “out of pity” and then doesn’t even let him talk while he’s there! Who does she think she is?

Gary’s friend is right when he says that Gary is an abusive relationship and needs to get out! Like his friend, I wonder if Amber even really loves Gary. She’s so obnoxious! What do YOU think? Should Amber and Gary break up, or do they have a shot at working things out?

Now let’s check in with the other three teen moms…

Farrah wins my “Most Improved Attitude” award. She was a raging biyatch last week, but she really seems to have matured… or at least pulled it together this week. I feel awful that she’s having such a hard time getting Social Security for Sophia.

As for Maci, she finally told Ryan that she and Bentley were moving to Nashville to live with Kyle. Click here to see how that went!

And last but not least, Catelynn and Tyler continue to be the most adorable pair of humans on the planet.

— Andy Swift