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Posted Mon, September 27, 2010 11:21pm EDT

Is Dan Not The Father Of Georgina's Baby? Plus, 4 More OMG Moments From Tonight's 'Gossip Girl!'

Fashion’s Night Out has never been so fierce! The Sept. 27 episode of Gossip Girl was full of betrayal, drama, and of course, unforgettable get-ups!

Even though a lot has changed on the Upper Eastside, Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair’s (Leighton Meester) friendship appears to be stronger than ever! The BFFs worked together to stop Juliet’s (Katie Cassidy) plan for making Serena look crazy, and they’re also helping each other cope as their former flames date other girls. But all this hasn’t brought them down. In fact, they’ll be roomies at Columbia this year!!

Here are my top OMG moments from the Sept. 27 episode:

1. Dan is not Georgina’s baby daddy!

Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) returned to the Upper Eastside after her spa vacation — with the truth everyone has been waiting for. Turns out, Dan isn’t the father of her baby after all! The wife of the Russian man that Georgina was hooking up with was going to kill her, so she lied and said it was Dan’s. Real classy, Georgina.

2. Juliet’s true colors are exposed!

It turns out new girl Juliet really is evil! she appeared to be forming a conspiracy to exclude Serena from the Hamilton House society that Blair wanted to be a part of. Juliet told Serena she wasn’t offered a key because Blair didn’t want her in the exclusive Columbia clique! But Serena and Blair fixed the problem by setting up Juliet’s malicious actions infront of everyone at the Fashion’s Night Out event — and Serena joins the secret society!

3. Serena and Nate’s Confrontation

After Juliet is embarrassed in front of everyone and is asked to return her key to the secret society, Nate (Chace Crawford) runs after her. When Serena brings it up, Nate finally admits he’s been angry with her for cheating on him with Dan (Penn Badgley) and leaving so suddenly for Paris. Sorry, Serena — looks like you and Nate won’t be reuniting anytime soon! Especially after that last minute make-out session between him and Juliet!

4. Chuck’s new love Eva moves in with him!

Wow, it seems like Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) really is a changed man with his new beau, Eva. After an uncomfortable confrontation between Blair and Eva in Carlos Miele, Eva still went to the Fashion’s Night Out event with Chuck. She almost left after all the night’s drama and evil stares, but stayed because she said she’s seen a different side of Chuck. We last saw her unpacking her clothes and moving in with Chuck! Could this be the real deal?

What do you think, BFFs? Is Chuck actually in love with Eva? What is Juliet really up to? We want to know!

— Nicole Karlis