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Posted Sun, October 10, 2010 10:17pm EDT

Andy's 'Desperate Housewives' Afterthoughts: I Was Wrong — Vanessa Williams Is Holding This Show Together!

For the first time in seasons, the housewives have a common thread — thanks, Miz Williams.

Desperate Housewives is only great when everyone is involved in the same storyline, and now thanks to Renée (Vanessa Williams), we’re sort of getting there. Though her cougar fight with cleavage-baring Bree (Marcia Cross) over much-younger contractor Keith (Brian Austin Green) was completely ridiculous on the Oct. 10 episode, at least she’s getting under all the housewives’ skin. For more highlights — including pothead Tom (Doug Savant) and low-rent porn star Susan (Teri Hatcher) — and to see photos, read on!

More things I loved from the Oct. 10 episode:

  1. Who knew Eva Longoria Parker was such a good actress? She’s doing this whole baby-swapping storyline really well. Has she ever been this dramatic before? She wants to get her mits on that Emmy!
  2. I love that not only is Susan now a low-rent fetish porn star, but she even has a rival. “You stole my moves!” she shouted at her at the Laundromat. “Watch your back.” I feel like I’m watching Desperate Showgirls — and enjoying it immensely.
  3. We were also treated to yet another episode of Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) spin-off sitcom, Lynette’s House of Hell, as her husband Tom became a pot head. He was prescribed medicinal marijuana for his ridiculous post-pardom depression. How does a guy get that? At least he was smart enough to wear wacky sunglasses to hide his bloodshot eyes. Cue the canned laughter.
  4. Vanessa was definitely given the best, most ridiculous line tonight: “I need a new hobby, and taking you down is as good as any. … Be seeing you, Bree.” She’s the only character who could pull off that kind of line on this show now. Edie, who?

— Andy Swift