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Posted Wed, October 27, 2010 12:05am EDT

'16 And Pregnant' Season Premiere Totally Delivered! I Feel Bad For Brooke, The Classy Teen Bride With The Race Car Wedding!

Brooke was the mom-to-be featured on the Oct. 26 season premiere of MTV’s 16 And Pregnant, and I think we finally have a reality teen with her priorities in line!

Brooke did all she could to make sure she was ready for her baby’s arrival. She pushed her husband, high school senior Cody (they got hitched within months of conception), to graduate school early so she could finish up her junior year. The little couple really is trying to do the best they can, living with with Brooke’s family while they save up to buy a house… or at least a barn shell, because that’s all they can possibly afford (so sad!)

Here’s everything you need to know about new mom Brooke:

  1. How is she as a mom? When Brooke and Cody’s baby boy Brody (seriously) was born, life became a constant juggling act of chores, work, school and, of course, raising the baby. But Brooke is doing everything she can to finish school and raise Brody. This girl has a great head on her shoulders!
  2. What’s her family like? Brooke’s mom Misty is letting the kids earn their rent by doing the chores around the house. Brooke’s family seems super supportive, but they did tell Brooke and Cody straight from the get-go that they’re on their own financially with the baby. It’s not easy being a teen mom!
  3. How’s the baby daddy? Cody actually seems like a good guy! He said, right after finding out Brooke was preggers, that they needed to get married stat! He stuck with Brooke from the very beginning, but he did need a little push from his baby mama to get his diploma early so he could work full-time at the convenience store once the baby was born!
  4. So, how crazy are they? For the most part, the whole fam seems loving and generally good — but they are all waaay too into race cars! Cody even opted for a racing suit over a tux for his wedding! But wait… the wedding cake was also in the shape of a Hoosier racing tire! Ooohh boy! Otherwise, on the scale of 1 to crazy, I give this family a light 3.5 … even if it’s just for the race car themed wedding.

Here’s a video rundown of Brooke’s big episode:

— Jessica Finn