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Posted Tue, September 21, 2010 6:55am EDT

Bonnie Says! Don't Sleep Till You See Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps!

Hey girlfriends — grab your best guy, dig into the popcorn and get set to enjoy an old fashioned drama/romance/thriller, that is completely entertaining!

You don’t have to have seen the original Wall Street, which first hit theaters in 1987, to enjoy its sequel. But I’d bet you’d have a good time renting it before Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opens on Sept. 24.

The story picks up as disgraced former Wall Street kingpin Gordon Gekko is released after eight years in prison for insider trading. Let’s just say that Michael Douglas is at his riveting best. As cute, fit, energetic, and hot as newbie Shia LaBoeuf is, you can’t take your eyes off old man Douglas whenever he hits the screen. In fact, when he’s offscreen, you can’t wait for Mr. Charisma Douglas to re-appear.

You want to know everything about him as Gekko. Has he reformed? Has he repented his “greed is good” mantra? How will he redeem himself? Does he truly love his estranged daughter Winnie played by newcomer-to-us Carey Mulligan, who’s inexplicably in love with Shia — another Wall Streeter who could be her hated father, part II? Ironically for Douglas, fatherhood is a major theme of this sequel. Fatherhood V career. Heartbreakingly, Gekko  has a drug addict son who dies while he is serving his eight long years. Douglas’s own son, Cameron, 31, is serving a five-year sentence for drug possession and trafficking.

Beyond this — you just know Gekko has a plan and a scam up his sleeve, you’re just not sure what it is until it’s right in your face.

In the meantime, Winnie, Carrie’s character, is to me the weak link. Of course she’s an anti-Wall Street lefty who runs a “non-profit” political website — The Frozen Truth.

And here’s the most unbelievable thing — her tiny website which is funded by god-knows-who or what, has groovy downtown NYC offices, about twenty-five staffers running around and gorgeous Mac desktop computers, and yet she describes it as a “shoestring” operation. Hello, director Oliver Stone — you haven’t been to many startup website offices, have you?

The biggest star not on the credits of course is Wall Street itself! The films’ airborne views of NYC and Wall St. are worth the price of admission. And the recreations of the behind-closed-door meetings of Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson‘s showdowns with the world’s top bankers, as they tried to prevent a global economic MELTDOWN are mesmerizing. I bet it’s a pretty good approximation of how the $700 billion bailout went down.

Josh Brolin‘s A OK as the prototype of the slimy Wall St. head honcho/villain that main street has loved to hate ever since the big money meltdown.

But like I said — it’s all about Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko. Let’s just say — if Douglas the man, has anything like Gekko’s drive — that throat cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

In any case — I can’t wait for Wall Street 3!

Bonnie Fuller


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