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Posted Mon, September 13, 2010 3:00pm EDT

Victoria Beckham's Claim To Use Larger Models Bogus As Pin Thins Rule Her Runway!

Just days after reports she would be using models as large as a size 6, Victoria’s New York runway show showcased the emaciated top name models featured in most shows!

Victoria Beckham‘s presentation during New York Fashion Week featured the beautifully feminine styles she has now became famous for, but not any sort of feminine shape! Days after reports Victoria would be using “regular-size women” in her show, Victoria instead filled her Sept. 12 runway with the same skinny ladies that have been popular all week in New York!

While one cannot fault Victoria, pin thin herself, for using these more popular models, it does seem odd she would make such a bold statement only to go back on it. These girls had neverending legs that failed to touch, jutting hip bones, and overly evident clavicle bones!

The only designer to buck this trend so far this week has been Zac Posen, who featured runway beauty Crystal Renn in his Sept. 11 show. He also dressed the curvy and gorgeous Christina Hendricks for the Emmy Awards.

What do you think about Victoria’s models and this current trend?

-Chris Spargo