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Posted Wed, March 16, 2011 9:13am EDT

Vanessa Hudgens Freaking Out Over New Naked Pics! Does Someone Have It Out For Her?

Let Vanessa be the ultimate lesson to you, girls: When the phones come out, the clothes should stay ON!

Some mistakes can haunt you forever, and Vanessa Hudgens is learning that the hard way. A second set of nude photos, taken at the same time as the now-infamous 2007 shots, has hit the web — and the images are reportedly way racier than the straight-on nude shots you may have seen. Vanessa‘s threatening to sue any outlet that publishes the XXX-rated pics, and a source tells TMZ that Vanessa, 22, believes whoever is releasing them “has it out for her.”

Could the culprit be the same person who released the photos earlier this week of Vanessa swapping spit with fellow actress Alexa Nikolas? It really hasn’t been a great week for Vanessa.

Regardless of who’s releasing these pics and why, one thing’s for sure: This scandal can’t be easy for Vanessa to handle. At least when the first batch of nude pics came out, she had Zac Efron‘s shoulder to cry on. Now she may be able to find solace in new man Josh Hutcherson… but it’s really not the same.