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Posted Sat, October 9, 2010 9:00am EDT

'Vampire Diaries' Vote! Which Of Nina Dobrev's Hookups This Season Was Hottest? See Pics Of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley & More!

Following the Oct. 7 episode of The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev has officially gotten to hook up with the three hottest guys on the show — but which hookup did YOU love the most?

Katherine’s presence in Mystic Falls may spell trouble for Elena and the Salvatore brothers, but it’s GREAT news for Nina Dobrev! Not only does she get to continue fooling around with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley‘s characters (as she switches between human Elena and vampire Katherine), but now she also gets to hook up with werewolf Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney!)

But try to put your searing jealousy aside for a minute and look at Nina’s many enviable hookups from an objective standpoint. Which of her many trists this season has gotten YOUR heart racing the most? Here are your options:

  1. Elena & Stefan: Yeah, yeah… we get it. Elena and Stefan are in love. They’ve been doing the dirty since the first season and they’re showing no signs of stopping — not anytime soon, at least.
  2. Elena & Damon: We FINALLY got to see a kiss between Elena and Damon on the Sept. 30 episode — too bad it was all in Stefan’s head! It was a nightmare, planted by Katherine, to try to lure Stefan back to her.
  3. Katherine & Stefan: This hookup from the Sept. 30 episode also got me excited — so you can imagine how crushed I was when it was revealed to part of Stefan’s plot to subdue his psycho ex-girlfriend.
  4. Katherine & Damon: On the second season premiere, Katherine finally told Damon she never loved him… but not before ripping his clothes off and ravaging him on the floor in easily one of the hottest scenes ever on The CW.
  5. Katherine & Mason: This was the most recent (and definitely most jaw-dropping) of Nina’s season two hookups. During the final moments of the Oct. 7 episode, it was revealed that Katherine dated Mason — conveniently around the time he killed his first human. What the heck is she up to?