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Posted Mon, September 27, 2010 12:53pm EDT

'Vampire Diaries' Vote! Who Should Elena Choose: Stefan Or Damon? And Tell Us Why!

Are you on Team Stelena or Team Delena? We want to know, once and for all, who deserves to be with Elena?

Fact: Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) are sexy. Another fact: They’ve both got their eye on Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who bears a disturbing resemblance to their mutual ex, vampire Katherine. We know it might be impossible for you to decide which brother is right for Elena, but unfortunately, we’re making you choose! Should she go with sensitive, brooding Stefan? Or does she belong with dangerous, MORE brooding Damon? Choose wisely!

Meanwhile, here’s what some of you have been saying about the Stelena/Delena debate:

  1. Anne23 says: “I’m a huge Damon/Elena fan!! They have the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever seen! On the contrary, the Stefan/Elena scenes are always so boring!”
  2. d.p. says: “Team Stelena FTW!! The true epic pairing and the true focus of the triangle.”
  3. bayoubaby says: “i like stefan and elena together, but once damon came to mystic falls i have been waiting for that hook-up to take place.”
  4. Rebecca says: “Stefan/Elena belong together. They are the soul-mates of the story.”