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Posted Sat, January 22, 2011 10:17am EDT

The 8 Best Moments From 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Two (So Far!) See Pics & Vote!

Mason’s death? Damon & Katherine’s hookup? Let’s relive the moments that had us laughing, crying & shrieking in fear all season!

We’re just DAYS away from new episodes of The Vampire Diaries — returning Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. on The CW — and I know you can’t wait to welcome your favorite fanged family back into your living room for more supernatural shenanigans. But all aliteration aside, the second season has been bursting with unforgettable moments, be they funny, scary or — in most cases — totally hot.

1. Katherine & Damon hook up: The second season started off with a bang… literally. On the Sept. 9 premiere, Nina and Ian served up one of the hottest scenes in CW history with their clothes-ripping, skin-grabbing free-for-all.

2. Caroline tells her mom she’s a vampire: Caroline went fang-wild to save Damon, Stefan and Elena’s lives on the Oct. 7 episode, but it came at a price — her mom found out she’s a vampire! Her big reveal (“Hi, mom”) was as adorable as it was tragic.

3. Elena & Stefan and Katherine & Mason’s double love scene: Is Nina the luckiest actress on TV, or am I crazy? On top of getting to make out with half the guys on the show, she actually shot two love scenes… in the same scene! The Oct. 21 episode opened with an unforgettable scene which cut back and forth between the two couples.

4. Damon rips out Mason’s heart: We all knew Damon had “issues” with werewolf Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney), but no one expected him to straight-up tear Mason’s heart out of her chest on the Oct. 21 episode!

5. Stefan, Katherine & Damon’s three-way fight scene: The awkward love triangle between Katherine and the Salvatore brothers reached new physical heights on the Oct. 28 episode when Stefan and Damon teamed up to stake her!

6. Elijah knocks off Trevor’s head: We didn’t get to know Rose’s (Lauren Cohan) BFF Trevor (Trent Ford) very well before he met his untimely demise on the Nov. 4 episode, but at least his death gave us a killer introduction to the baddie that is Elijah (Daniel Gillies.) My jaw is STILL on the floor!

7. Damon tells Elena he loves her: “Delena” fans’ jaws dropped Nov. 4 when Damon finally confessed his love to Elena. But all hope lost when he compelled her to forget his entire romantic speech!

8. Tyler transforms for the first time: If you were able to watch Tyler (Michael Trevino) become a werewolf for the first time without flinching and/or screaming, I applaud you. Michael gave a brilliantly disturbing performance on the Dec. 9 winter finale — hence why I now refer to him as the “Furry Fury.”

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