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Posted Fri, February 8, 2013 11:41am EDT

Bonnie’s 21 Romantic Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts

It can be REALLY hard to pick out a good Valentine’s Day gift. To be honest, it can give you a mean headache — and headaches on V-day are only allowed if it’s from eating too much chocolate! So this year, let us help you.

We’ve picked out a ton of amazing beauty products for everyone — your mom, your sisters, your BFFs, and even for yourself — so take out all the guesswork and enjoy yourself. You can thank me on February 15th!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent hours walking around a shopping mall or up and down avenues trying to find those perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. It can seem impossible! The temptation to just buy chocolates is strong — but that’s so predictable! What you should do is take our advice — check out these great beauty products, and become the best Valentine’s Day gift-giver in history.

For The Personal Spa

There’s NOTHING better than getting home from a long day, dimming down the lights, and just relaxing with a long bath. We can help you and yours take that soak to the next level with options from Roger & Gallette and Farmhouse Fresh. Roger & Gallette’s perfumed soaps smell so sweet and are the height of bathtub luxury. And you can spice up your evening with Farmhouse Fresh’s sparkling soaks. Packaged playfully in soda bottles, the sparkling bath products come in Red Hot Shandy, Honey Magnolia, and Clementine, and will leave your skin soft and shiny!

Smell And Look Your Best

This year we’re featuring some amazing products that are sure to make your makeup bag even more impressive. The Love Me Eye Shadow Palette from Smashbox is playfully stylish and features shades for any occasion. And we’re featuring so many fabulous fragrances that you might not even be able to choose! (Sorry we’re not sorry!) Just Cavalli is rich and sophisticated with a hint of vanilla — perfect for a best friend or a family member — and the fruity and floral See by Chloe might be the best thing we’ve ever smelled. Any of our featured fragrances are sure to make you or your BFFs stand out from the rest.

Talk A Walk On The Wild Side

For the more adventurous types — and for the man in your life — try The Shades of Grey Kit. It’s definitely what it sounds like, and comes standard with custom handcuffs, a blindfold, and even a masquerade mask. Guys, get this for your girlfriend and order in food — you won’t be going anywhere for a while!

Whoever’s on your list, you can’t go wrong with one (or two) of these Valentine’s Day beauty options. So get to it and have a great Valentine’s Day!

And I hope I don’t have to repeat this, but guys, flowers don’t count as a present — they’re mandatory.

— Bonnie Fuller