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Posted Fri, April 9, 2010 5:36pm EDT

Hot Photos! Which 'True Blood' Guy Gets YOUR Heart Racing?

Stephen, Alexander or Ryan? There’s so much man candy… but you can only vote for ONE guy as your favorite!

There are still 65 days until the season premiere of True Blood on HBO (I know, I know… “waiting sucks”) but thankfully the show’s three leading men are gracing the pages of Details‘ May 2010 issue in a super hot photo spread! Stephen Moyer (vampire Bill), Alexander Skarsgard (vampire Eric) and Ryan Kwanten (dim-witted human Jason) all spill their guts to the magazine in individual interviews. So check out the photos, read what they have to say and then tell us which one gets your blood boiling!

Stephen Moyer

Not only is London-born Stephen a total potty mouth (he drops a heaping helping of F-bombs in his interview), but he also (surprisingly) says he’ll only live in places named Venice. He spent seven years in London’s Little Venice, and now currently resides with co-star and girlfriend Anna Paquin in Venice, Calif. “I’m a Venice-zuelan,” he tells Details. Hmm… did you also know Stephen is a comedian? As the super-serious vampire Bill Compton, we really don’t get to see enough of his lighter side!

Alexander Skarsgard

Can you believe 6’4 Alexander almost quit acting altogether? Actually, he did quit after college, but only for a little over a year. He joined the Swedish marines for 15 months… and hated it! “You couldn’t talk or move,” he tells Details. “You had to p**s in a bottle. It gave me a lot of time to think about things. I realized I missed being onstage and on a set.” And Alexander, we’re glad you missed it! True Blood wouldn’t be the same without you playing the 1,000-year-old Nordic vamp Eric Northman.

Ryan Kwanten

Ryan doesn’t mind playing dumb. As the older brother of True Blood‘s leading lady Sookie Stackhouse, his character spews most of the show’s most brainless dialogue. So what’s the one thing Aussie surfer Ryan does mind? Talking about how much he takes his shirt off on camera! “We have amazing computer-generated effects,” he jokes to Details. “It’s my head on someone else’s body.” Sure, Ryan… whatever you say.

OK, BFFs — it’s voting time!