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Posted Thu, April 8, 2010 9:29am EDT

How Low! Tiki Barber's 23-Year-Old Mistress Posed As A Babysitter For His Two Kids & He Slept With Her At College!

And here comes another shocker: Did Tiki help her score a coveted NBC internship?

Talk about a dirty cover-up! Traci Johnson, 23, kept her affair with former-pro football player Tiki Barber, 35, a secret by telling her family she was babysitting his two young children — A.J., 7, and Chason, 6 — a neighbor tells New York’s Daily News. The cheaters were first spotted out together at Newark Airport in Dec. 2008, one year after Traci landed an internship with NBC, which her neighbor believes Tiki (also a Today Show correspondent) helped her to obtain.

During her time at NBC, a co-worker noticed that Traci and Tiki would often go out for lunch together, and the two were spotted having dinner together several times in New York. Tiki, a former New York Giants running back, left his 8-months-pregnant wife Ginny in 2009 after 11 years of marriage, when it was revealed he had been sleeping with Traci for several years.

But Tiki wasn’t the only one cheating! Traci reportedly had a boyfriend during her affair with Tiki, but assured everyone that she and Tiki were just friends. “One night, [Tiki] sneaked into her dorm and stayed over the night,” a classmate of Traci’s from Mount Saint Mary College in New York’s Hudson Valley tells the New York Post. “The next day, Traci didn’t want to let him out of her room to use the bathroom because she was worried someone would see him and catch them.”

But the couple didn’t always keep things private. Tiki reportedly showered Traci with gifts during their relationship, including:

  1. 21 dozen roses to Traci’s dorm on her 21st birthday
  2. A “diamond and sapphire bracelet”
  3. Giants jerseys for her and her friends to wear on Halloween
  4. He allegedly paid her rent, though a source close to Tiki denies this

Traci even invited her married boyfriend out one night to meet her friends. One of those friends tells the Post that Tiki seemed like a “nice, sweet guy” at first, but admits: “Once we realized what was going on, we were disgusted. We never expected him to be so disrespectful to his wife.”

Tiki and Traci have traveled quite a bit together, including Africa and then Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. While at the Olympics, Tiki referred to Traci as his “assistant.”

Wow! Tiki, we thought you were a scum yesterday, but these new details are even more disgusting. How could you just parade Traci around, while your pregnant wife was at home with your two other children? What kind of an example are you setting for them?

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