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Posted Tue, August 24, 2010 6:10pm EDT

Photos! Here Are Seven Women Tiger Woods Can Date Now That He's Single!

Now that he’s single, Tiger’s back on the prowl — and this time, he’s allowed to go after as many women as he wants!

Ignoring the whole I-cheated-on-my-wife-with-countless-women thing, Tiger Woods is a pretty great catch. He’s a great athlete with a vast fortune — he’s down $100 million since his split from Elin Nordegren, but he’s still loaded — so it’s only a matter of time before another lady catches his fancy and decides to date him. put together a list of seven potential bachelorettes for Tiger to catch in his grubby cheating paws. Tell us which one YOU’d most like to see him with!

  1. Lindsay Lohan: She’d be his best fit. Not only would she appease his sexual appetite, but she also wouldn’t care about adding a woman into the bedroom. She also needs the money, and she would get TONS of media from the relationship. It would make her world.
  2. Kelly Bensimon: She’s single and likes playboys. (Hello, John Mayer!) Plus, she looks like a way hotter version of Rachel Uchitel.
  3. Taylor Swift: OK, bear with us on this one. Ignoring the fact that she’s 14 years his junior, Taylor’s goody-two-shoes image could do wonders for Tiger. He needs all the good press he can get, and if he could get Taylor’s country fan base on his side, he’s be golden.
  4. Madonna: She can give him all the woman he’d ever need, keeping him from straying to others. She could also teach him how to handle the media, which he’s clearly not very good at. Plus, she’d totally boss him around. Madonna don’t take crap from nobody!
  5. Jessica Simpson: If John Mayer’s testimony is true, Jessica is “sexual napalm,” which probably appeals to sex-crazed Tiger. If Jess ever breaks up with current boyfriend Eric Johnson, she can give Tiger a call.
  6. Tyra Banks: We picked Tyra pretty much for the same reason we picked Madonna — she would go totally apes**t on Tiger if he EVER cheated on her. Remember when she ripped that girl a new one on America’s Next Top Model? Imagine that… times ten.
  7. Heidi Montag: No mystery here. Tiger loves busty blondes. And considering all that plastic surgery she got, can Heidi really be that judgmental? We’ve all got flaws.