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Posted Fri, March 4, 2011 3:08pm EDT

The New Adventures Of A HollyDaddy – My Baby Is The Incredible Hulk!

Baby Callum’s growing…. and growing fast.

You don’t notice how quickly babies develop when you’re with them all the time, it’s usually friends and relatives who point out all the subtle and tiny changes. But I’ve been forced to accept the fact that Callum is now twice the man he was 12 weeks ago when he first burst into our lives. Literally twice the man.

If he was seven pounds when he was born, Callum must be 14 now. And I can feel every ounce of his now-chubby frame each time I haul him out of his crib for a diaper change.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s more sturdy — he now has pudgy little arms and legs and a Buddha belly — and we’re blessed to have a happy healthy growing baby. It’s just tough keeping up with his appetite!

Callum’s going through a particularly aggressive growth spurt this week.

They come from time to time and transform him from a mild mannered, calm and happy baby into an out-of-control infant version of the Incredible Hulk.

During a growth spurt, Callum tosses aside the routine Jill and I have carefully constructed to ensure he gets enough food and we get enough sleep.

He wants to eat all the time and he’s not prepared to wait, announcing on a whim he’s ready for milk and screaming louder and louder until he gets it.

Forget one bottle, he’ll take two — and he’ll cling onto my hand while I feed him, making sure I don’t dare prise the bottle away from his puckered lips.

If I do try to burp him between hearty gulps, I’m rewarded with a bloodcurdling scream and panicked pants until I plug his mouth with the bottle once more.

It’s terrifying!

And that’s all before we’ve tried to get him to sleep.

We’ve been swaddling Callum at night since we first brought him home. He tends to flail his arms around in his sleep like a orchestra conductor, which ultimately wakes him up.

He hates being strapped in, but the stillness soon sends him off to sleep.

Not this week. The swaddle is just a challenge for him and with all his newfound energy and strength mere  fabric isn’t enough to contain this little Hulk.

It took me four attempts to get him to sleep last night. On each visit to his crib I’d find him burst from his swaddle with a look of satisfaction on his face.

On one occasion the little Houdini had freed his arms and legs before I’d even left the room.

We’re convincing ourselves, this is just a phase; a growth spurt and that we’ll be back to our routine in just a few more days.

When the Hulk is ready to give us our baby back!

Share your baby tales with me below!

— Ian Garland