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Posted Tue, March 9, 2010 9:06am EDT

The Brangelina Brood's Low-Key Walk In the Park! They Want To Be Just Like You!

Honestly girlfriends, can you blame Brad and Angie for skipping the Oscars hoopla and choosing family time over glamour time?

Brad Pitt, the star of  the Oscar-nominated film, Inglorious Basterds, and his baby mama Angelina Jolie blew off Hollywood in favor of a Sunday birthday party playdate with their kids and then a relaxed walk through a Venice park, Mon, March 8th.

The couple, with their four oldest children, worked hard on blending in with the relaxed locals. The entire family dressed in nondescript grey, denim and camouflage-wear , with hoods and hats. Only a smiling Angelina let her signature long hair go free. And the tactic appears to have worked. The happy family strolled comfortably without any adoring fans interrupting. Guess that’s why Angelina, who’s currently filming ” The Tourist“, in Venice with co-star Johnny Depp reportedly prefers living in Europe versus the US, where she and Brad are far less known.

So do you think Brad and Ange made the right decision, walking through a park with their kids versus walking the Oscar red carpet?

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