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Posted Fri, March 18, 2011 5:44pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard Are Faking Their Relationship – I'd Bet Money On It!

If there was ever a ‘Bachelor’ SHOWMANCE — This is it!

There’s no way that Bachelor Brad, 38, and his so-called fiancee, Emily Maynard, 25 are madly, deeply and truly in love. This TV reality romance is as fakey fake as they come.

What’s interesting is that this manufactured couple isn’t even making an effort to pretend to be together. Unlike last year’s showmancers, Jake and Vienna, Brad and Emily have immediately gone AWOL.

Last year following The Bachelor finale on Mar. 1, 2010, when Jake handed over his final rose and proposed to Vienna Girardi, you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing Jake and Vienna. There they were on Good Morning America, Live on Regis & Kelly, The View, Jimmy Kimmel, Wendy Williams, and Bonnie Hunt.

Plus, Jake was chosen to join the DWTS cast and there was Vienna cheering him on front row, week after week.  And let’s not forget that before the highly public and ugly demise of their mega-publicized engagement, the pair were regulars on high profile red carpets, kissing and hugging up a storm.

Now,  let’s compare that situation to this year’s Brad and Emily. 2011’s Bachelor couple have been conspicuously absent from all  TV  and other press, except for the After the Final Rose special and a People magazine cover story.

Why has this couple vanished? Maybe because . . . They aren’t a couple at all!

More Evidence! has spoken to sources who live very nearby Emily Maynard in her upscale Charlotte, NC neighborhood. She has been spotted very frequently after the taping of The Bachelor and after the airing of the finale and there have been NO sightings of her supposed fiance, Brad. “She is spotted many mornings on her front porch, but there’s no sign of Brad,” says a source.

You have to just eyeball the photos of Brad and Emily together to seriously suspect that there’s no love between this couple. In photos of them kissing, their mouths are barely puckered. Brad can barely hold her. In one photo, his right arm is down by his side and his left is loosely around her with his fingernails touching her back, not even his hand.

In another photo, his arms are around her waist but she’s pulling herself away from him.

Even in a photo taken right after Brad’s proposal, Emily doesn’t touch Brad with both her hands while they awkwardly kiss. One is loosely hanging in the air. So awkward.

There is not real love or passion in any of these pictures or videos. And I can tell you — there WAS passion radiating out of Trista on The Bachelorette, and Ryan, her now husband and even between Bachelor Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft, who later broke up . . . but after a lengthy relationship. I covered these couples and witnessed the very real nature of their romances.

Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard look like a pair of disassociated cold fish in comparison. So what do you think, Hollywoodlifers? Are Brad and Emily a showmance or a real life romance?

— Bonnie Fuller

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