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Posted Mon, February 14, 2011 3:28pm EDT

Why Are ‘Teen Moms’ Getting Lindsay Lohan Makeovers?? Look At Leah & Maci!

Leah Messer is the latest Teen Mom to morph from fresh-faced teenager into the “Lohan Look”—she’s changed so drastically in just 12 months!

Skinny jeans and hoodie, check.  Fake spray tan, check. Raccoon eyes, check. Here we go again, yet another Teen Mom has morphed into a Lindsay Lohan wannabe! Leah Messer has been hitting the bottle—of bleach—and gone platinum blonde! The 19-year-old from Procious, West Virginia arrived at the airport in Los Angeles looking more like a Hollywood pop-tart than a new teenage mom of twins! Even though Leah recently learned that one of her twins may have disabilities, she seems to be very focused on her new Hollywood look. During her jet-set trip, Leah posted on her Facebook page, “It’s really nice here in LA!!! Love it!!”

Leah is not the only Teen Mom chasing a Hollywood makeover, Maci Bookout hit the town last week with Jersey Shore‘s J-WOWW sporting bleached blonde hair extensions a la Lindsay. And her hair isn’t her only splurge, Life & Style reports that Maci  just bought new boobs with her hefty $140,000 MTV payday! “Maci did have breast-enlargement surgery,” a friend of Maci’s confirms. The reality star, who appears to have gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, is determined to stay noticed these days. She has also hired a Hollywood agent and plans to write a book.

Leah and Maci, why aren’t you saving your money to care for your babies?  You won’t be a Teen Mom much longer so how do you plan to make money?  Stop spending money to look like Hollywood’s hottest trainwrecks! You both have great guys who loved you just the way you were!

—Kelli Delaney