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Posted Wed, March 23, 2011 2:37am EDT

‘Teen Mom 2? Recap: Jenelle Busted For Spending $700 On Stolen Credit Card!

With the season winding down, the drama gets better than ever. MTV needs to do a second season like they did with the original Teen Mom!

On the Mar. 22 episode of Teen Mom 2, the struggle to raise babies, go to school, work, and be civil with baby-daddies seems too hard to do—except for fan fave Leah Messer!


Sometimes it seems like Jenelle and her son, Jace are growing up at the same rate! Jenelle and her mother had ANOTHER screaming fight over the credit card she stole. Barbara pulled out the receipt for her Discover card and threatened Jenelle to pay up in full—or else she is going to call the cops!

Jenelle admitted that she did steal the card, but then said she only spent about $400. During the argument, Barbara told Jenelle that Jace doesn’t even know who his mother is because Jenelle’s never around! The argument ends with Barbara flipping out because she’s “busting her balls” at a minimum wage job while Jenelle hangs out with her boyfriend all day.

Jenelle realized that she and Kiefer had been fighting a lot more—Jenelle flipped out on him just for missing an exit. Jenelle also stopped at her friend Amber’s house to vent. It turned out that her mother sent back her financial aid check that Jenelle had planned on using to buy herself an apartment and the young mom complained (like it’s her mom’s fault) that she had no money, no place to live, no child, no home, couldn’t do any homework because of no internet access, and didn’t know what to do!


Leah and Corey came back this episode stronger than ever. Leah previously got into an argument with Corey because she felt their marriage was being rushed. Although they confessed their love for each other, Leah didn’t want her babies to grow up with divorced parents like she and Corey both did. We saw in this episode that Leah is stressed over the seriousness of marriage and all the responsibility that comes with it.

At the end of the day, the only “normal” teen parents on the show enjoyed each other’s company, joking and having a good time as they pick out their wedding cake.


As usual, things got ugly between Kailyn and baby-daddy Jo. In last week’s episode we saw Kailyn finally pack her bags, sign the check and get out of Jo’s house! She finally “got the ball rolling” with the custody agreements.

Even though Jo had Isaac on Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday, Kailyn and her mom wanted it to be written on paper so that she could protect herself and so there wouldn’t be tension between her and Jo all the time.

Although Kailyn doesn’t speak with Jo on a daily basis anymore, she hasn’t let that bother her. Good for her!


Chelsea is the luckiest of the four teen moms to have the love and support of her likable father. She found out that her baby-daddy, Adam had a new girlfriend and that they were living together, she claimed she didn’t care. Chelsea was reached by Social Services informing her that there was a court date set in regards to Adam owing her $2,109.45 in back child support payments.

She went to meet with her dad to get her mind off things. They talked about the Lady GaGa concert and how she felt “kinda sad” about Adam because she thought it was her fault. Her dad reassured her that it was not  and that she had to “erase” those feelings especially because he was a deadbeat father.

Toward the end of the episode Chelsea was in a coffee shop with Aubree trying to study for her GED, which seemed impossible because her daughter was so distracting. She suddenly got a call from Adam, but the phone call ended quickly because he was being nasty to her—big surprise!

–Joann Vaglica

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