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Posted Fri, January 14, 2011 2:38pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Taylor Swift Has Moved On From Heartbreak And Has More Than One New Love Interest!

While Hollywood is still reeling from Jake Gyllenhaal’s abrupt break up with Taylor Swift, the country cutie is already bouncing back and leaving her heartbreak behind.

Taylor Swift‘s track record when it comes to dating hasn’t been the stuff young love is made of. From Joe Jonas to John Mayer, she’s been let down time and again. Now with her budding romance with Hollywood heartthrob, Jake Gyllenhaal, 30, over before it fully bloomed, the 21-year-old is left heartbroken, again. But a source tells that Taylor is already moving forward with her love life.

“Sure, Taylor was super bummed when Jake quit talking to her,” our source told us. “It was really sudden and weird. Plus, Taylor’s used to getting her way. When she wants something to happen, it does. That’s why getting broken up with is the worst thing in the world for her.”

It seems Taylor keeps kissing frogs instead of her Prince Charming, but our insider says Taylor isn’t allowing herself to dwell on what went wrong or what could have been.

“Taylor isn’t one to sit there and just feel sorry for herself. She’s not crying in a corner over Jake. She’s already talking to her old crushes and stuff. Taylor always has a guy or two in mind.”

We’re happy to hear she’s not letting a guy get her down. Keep it up Taylor, all girls should be following your lead!

Aimee Curran