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Posted Mon, November 8, 2010 3:41pm EDT

Taylor Swift: I Don't NEED A Boyfriend!

After getting her heart broken by players like Joe Jonas and John Mayer, can you blame the blonde beauty for her attitude toward guys?

Taylor Swift doesn’t have much to be heartbroken over. Her third album Speak Now is a smash success; she’s setting Hot 100 records right and left; and she’s even venturing into the fragrance market! However, in a new interview with the Daily Mail, our favorite 20-year-old country crooner brings some past heartache to light.

Lately, Taylor has been seen with Jake Gyllenhaal, but that doesn’t mean his affection is what completes her. “I’m not a mopy single girl,” she promises. “I wake up in the morning and think, ‘What do I need to do today?’ and at no point do I think, “I need to find a boyfriend.’”

Taylor insists she’s single because, as you can imagine, she’s entirely too focus on her red-hot career. She gives her “heart and soul on stage every night” and doesn’t feel right offering a boyfriend “what’s left over.”

Boys aren’t the only tribulation Taylor’s had to face, she also had to deal with being a loner growing up.

“In school, I dealt with a bunch of different kinds of being alone,” Taylor says in the interview. “And the only thing that got me through really tough days was writing songs about it. I would sit there on those lonely days and say, ‘It’s OK, because I can write a song about this later.’”

Although Taylor is speaking about those experiences in past tense, she admits in the article that negative comments made online still affect her. “It hurt me deeply in school and it hurts me deeply now,” she says.

Successful. Independent. Beautiful. Strong. Are there any reasons NOT to love Taylor Swift?

–Jenna Mullins