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Posted Fri, October 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Taylor Momsen Flashes Her 17-Year-Old Chest At NYC Concert!

We were STUNNED as we watched Taylor’s most outrageous public act yet — only pasties covering her nipples prevented her from being totally topless!

Taylor Momsen, 17,has been perfecting her bad-girl image ever since her band The Pretty Reckless burst onto the music scene, but she took it to a whole new level Oct. 21 at Don Hill’s in NYC! Wearing stripper heels and a necklace that said “Slave,” Taylor opened up her shirt and exposed her breasts (“tasetfully” covered by pasties) during a PAPER Magazine & Express Celebrate “Rock The Sidewalk” event! Not only that, she ran her hands up and down her body, groping her chest after exposing it!

Don’t you think this is outrageous behavior for a 17-year-old girl? Her parents need to see this video, and they need to take action.

Watch the shocking video of Taylor’s performance below. The “OMG” moment occurs shortly after the 1-minute mark.

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