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Posted Sun, October 24, 2010 6:58pm EDT

KEY COMMENTS! Here’s What You Had To Say About 17-Year-Old Taylor Momsen’s Flashing!

Taylor Momsen’s recent antics at her NYC concert have most of you saying she is out of control — and wondering where her parents are!

By now everyone is well aware of Tayor Momsen‘s Oct. 22 performance at Don Hill’s in NYC where she decided to make her already barely there outfit even smaller — by flashing the crowd! Even though the young singer and actress was wearing pasties, she is still just 17-years-old and HollywoodLifers had some very strong opinions about her behavior. Check them out!

LeeLou : Talk about a cry for attention. She tries and tries to prove that she’s so daring and edgy. Sorry, but flashing your boobs doesnt prove what a daring person you are. She can do what she likes but I have seen hookers dress better then her. I just laugh at her. Poor baby, just cant get people to buy her tough girl act. lol. Funny thing is I cant stand her character on Gossip Girl either and that was before I even knew this crazy stripper looking creature was the same person that played Jenny.

Melu : Exactly how isn’t she charged with child porn or indecency? Last I checked it’s ILLEGAL for a minor to be nude in public (and even if she’s wearing pasties it’s still basically the same thing)! Where the hell are her parents?

Knot : What people fail to realize is that she’s 17. She’s just shy of becoming a legal adult. It’s not like she was just uncovering herself right there, she still had another barrier there to cover everything up. There are a ton of other places I could go with this, including that this is entertainment, and for DECADES, the quickest way to get attention is to be risque. What I’m going to say though is that I think, as a whole, we in the US have a very prudish view of nudity, no matter what degree it is. Yes, she’s still a minor. No, she wasn’t totally nude onstage. It’s no different than Britney Spears in the past. And as for this whole “two wrongs don’t make a right, so ‘look at everyone else’ doesn’t fly” thing? That’s kind of weak, people. Look at everyone else, and she kind of pales in comparison. She’s a teenager that wants to see how far she can push it. In a year or two, she’s going to calm down and we’re all going to forget about it.

Steve O : Honestly who the hell care’s Taylor is an emancipated minor that means for those of you that would have to look it up that her parents have no legal guardianship over her and she is free to make her own decisions and be recognised by the government as an adult. so what if she cant vote or drink legally. She is still an adult just like all those young men and women who join the milatary before thier 18th birthday. There is nothing tasteless or Shamefull in her act compared to most things other celebs are doing. At least she isnt making a sex tape or showing her tits during a nationally broadcast proformance like janet jackson did.

Diana : there’s nothing outrageous about her. It’s all contrived, and it’s boring, which is why no one notices her even when she’s flashing people and saying raunchy things. She’s a poser, and everyone knows it.