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Posted Fri, March 4, 2011 5:05pm EDT

Anna Farris & Hubby Chris Pratt Have Adorable Chemistry In 'Take Me Home Tonight!'

Take Me Home Tonight is an ’80s throwback comedy that feels like an homage to the legendary John Hughes!

Take Me Home Tonight, starring Topher Grace, Anna Farris and Kristen Stewart look-a-like, Teresa Palmer, brings us back to the ’80s for one crazy night. The characters, who have just graduated from college, all come together for one last house party, but end up getting into multiple (uncomfortable!) shenanigans along the way.

For example, they end up at an “industry party” in Beverly Hills, and one of the characters ends up doing drugs and having sex with Angie Everhart, while an old man watches. Think a mixture of The Hangover and Dazed and Confused, but minus the hearty guffaws.

The best part of the film was the story line between Anna and her real-life husband, Chris Pratt. His character, a guy that hasn’t grown out of his high school glory days, proposes to her at the party. While she says yes, she struggles with the fact she will now never be able to fulfill her dream of going to Cambridge Grad School. The best line in the movie is when Pratt asks, “Cambridge? Is that in the Valley?” Their characters are believable and fun to watch, not uncomfortable like other parts of the movie.

While it may not be nominated for an Oscar next year, Take Me Home Tonight is entertaining and the soundtrack filled with ’80s tunes is a plus. Grab some friends and be sent back in time for a fun night at the theater!

Olivia Heinle