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Posted Thu, August 18, 2011 9:53am EDT

Suri Cruise Throws A MASSIVE Tantrum Over Her Favorite Blanket — But Her Bodyguard Comes To The Rescue!

Katie Holmes and Suri were ready to head out of NYC in a private helicopter, until the 5-year-old fashionista realized mommy forgot to grab her treasured pink blanket! Get ready for a meltdown, folks!

It’s normal for any tot to have a temper tantrum — they’re kids for crying out loud — but Suri Cruise took the word ‘meltdown’ to a new level yesterday, August 17, after she realized her prize possession had gone missing. Nope, not her $1,700 Dolce & Gabbana bag. All the fuss was over her ultra-soft, $175 Little Giraffe blanky she’s carried EVERYWHERE since she was a baby — and her attachment to it is pretty obvious!

Suri was in a fabulous mood as usual, sitting in the helicopter ready to jet off, until she realized her plush blanket was missing and threw a hissy fit. The 5-year-old started hysterical crying to mommy Katie Holmes, screaming for her blanky.

That’s when her big and burly bodyguard came to the rescue and went to the back of the helicopter to retrieve Suri’s treasured possession and make sure it found it’s way back in her arms.

As soon as he handed the blanket over, Suri was beaming with joy and thanked her bodyguard, even waving goodbye and blowing kisses at him through the window! Suri soon returned to her old self and was ready to jet off to her next destination — and squeeze in a nap (hopefully)! Ah, Thank God for private security…

–Leigh Blickley

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