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Posted Sat, April 10, 2010 5:00pm EDT

Fun Photos! Suri Cruise, You're Three Going On 30!

Suri is totally living a smaller version of mom Katie’s life!

Did you have a taste for fine French cuisine when you were three years old? Well, Suri Cruise does! She and mom Katie Holmes were spotted dining at New York’s swanky French bistro Balthazar on April 8, and it got us thinking: Suri is totally living the life of an adult trapped in a little kid’s body! While most kids her age are off being silly with their friends, Suri is expanding her taste for foreign food, among these adult behaviors:

  1. She works out: Suri was spotted with her babysitter April 6, en route to a New York gym. I wonder how much she bench-presses!
  2. She handles the mail: What’s in the envelope? Suri was seen bringing this a big piece of mail to the post office April 8 in New York with Katie. That’s a big responsibility for such a little girl!
  3. She wears heels: Katie insists high-heels don’t hurt Suri’s little feet. “They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” she says.
  4. She makes her lips red: After a trip to Sephora on Feb. 10, Suri was seen rocking a dark red shade of lip gloss and looking VERY grown up!

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