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Posted Fri, October 15, 2010 3:19pm EDT

Family Fun! Check Out These Super Cute Mommy And Me — Or Daddy And Me — Matching Halloween Costumes!

If you and your kids are still not sure what to wear for Halloween, why not try these looks that are perfect for the whole family!

Why should kids have all the fun on Halloween? You’re never too old to slip into something fun on October 31, and how cute would it be if you and your kids dressed up together as superheroes or characters from Star Wars? Bethenny Frankel told that she was thinking of dressing up with her husband, Jason Hoppy, and baby Bryn as a family of pandas, and we love the idea of a theme. Check out our picks!

So sweet! Who doesn’t love candy on Halloween? Dress up like a sugary snack and match the goodies you’ll get in your bag! We found great adult and baby-size Tootsie Roll costumes. Perfect for mommies or daddies out there celebrating their first Halloween with a baby. You’re going to wrap up your baby, anyway. So, why not have your little one look like a chewy chocolate treat?  Just be sure that the neighborhood kids know your little sweetie is not for the taking! (Costumes are priced between $24-$44.)

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Cha-ching! We spied an adorable Lady Luck and Money Bag combination that may have your neighbors throwing quarters in your bag instead of candy! Don’t want to spring for the “Lady Luck” costume?  A more affordable alternative is having either you or your hubby dressing up in a suit or business attire and be a banker with a money bag! How economical! ($27-$46)

Aww! These celeb kids look so cute in their Halloween costumes!

Everyone wants to be a super hero! There are ton of great costume options out there to fight crime with your kids for Halloween. There’s Supergirl for big and little heroines. Or Batman and Robin for the dad/son crime-fighting duo. (Priced from $14-$40)

Adorable pics! The cutest baby Halloween costumes!

Movie themes are a big hit this year for family costume ideas. Depending on how big your family is, you can dress up two or more in the same movie theme.  Dressing up as the cast of Toy Story or Star Wars is fun or you can go to a classic fairytale (and if you have a large family like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) you can have a mob of dwarves in your Snow White entourage. ($16-$40)

–Princess Agra