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Posted Fri, June 10, 2011 9:41am EDT

'Super 8' Star Elle Fanning In An Edgy Shoot For 'Black Book' Magazine: Great Or Too Grown Up?

In the black and white shoot the 13-year-old star shows off two very different sides — we see her edgy and all grown up, and then she embraces her childish side in goofy pics. Which way does she look better?

Elle Fanning may still be a young teen, but with her highly anticipated summer movie Super 8, her killer fashion sense, and her almost 5’7 model-esque frame, the teen is in high demand! Her latest gig, a spread in Black Book magazine, shows off two very different sides of the star.

In one shot, Elle is seen wearing a Tim Van Steenburgen bodysuit, vintage skirt from Archive Fashion Library, Prada over-the-knee socks, and an American Apparel belt — while some may say the shot is edgy and a bit grown up, I think it’s high-fashion and fun. Considering her older sis, Dakota, just graduated from high school and manages to stay totally grounded, I’m not concerned about Elle at all!

In other shots, the young star goofs around making a series of funny faces — isn’t she adorable?

Katrina Mitzeliotis