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Posted Sun, January 23, 2011 4:19pm EDT

Sundance Diary, Day Two: The Great Hunt For James Franco

Park City exploded with celebs, gifting suites and parties…but all I wanted was a glimpse of Mr. James Franco!

What a day, what a day! I honestly don’t even know where to begin. My partners in crime and I packed more fun into one day than most people do the entire Sundance Film Festival! From brunches, to suites, to dinners, to parties, we did it all…yet we still somehow managed to miss the one person we were dying to see (read below)! Nevertheless, Friday was still a day to remember and in an effort to most efficiently and accurately paint the day for you, I’ve broken down each hour. PLEASE NOTE: Just reading this diary might make you exhausted!

11:00 a.m.: After primping, prepping and recovering from Snoop Dogg the night before, Mel, Annika and I headed down to Main St. for the Carrera Sunglasses brunch, where we nomzed on berries, yogurt, eggs and delicious pastries. While at the brunch, we had the opportunity to check out the entire line line of Carrera glasses (which can be purchased at and even got to try them on. My personal faves were tortoise shell frames with huge lenses that filled my face — adorable!

12:00 p.m.: Sundance is all about knowing the right people and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift was THE hot spot of the day. Comprised of multiple levels and several suites, you can only get into the Lift if you have the right credentials…the security is intense and everywhere! Thankfully, we had some great friends who escorted us through the space and it was like an alternate universe. Celebrities like Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku and the Hemsworth brothers mingled with one another as they got gifts from a wide variety of brands. There was everything from Lia Sophia jewelry (my personal fave!), to ENJOY candles (the cool wax ones that are battery operated and smell delicious), to American Apparel and iRenew bracelets. (Funny story: 24 star Louis Lombardi picked up two iRenew bracelets and kept one for each wrist because he said needed the energy and balance to get through the week!) Going to a gifting suite reminds me of how heaven might be — the drinks are flowing, the music is pumping and everything is free!

1:00 p.m. Also at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift was the Sephora Beauty Studio, where Sephora’s PRO Beauty Team did my makeup. I didn’t have a specific look in mind, except that my makeup had to last the entire day AND night. We ended up going with a smoky eye and bronzed cheeks, and I felt so glamorous!

2:30 p.m . Just a short walk up main street was the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, presented by USANA. A little more laid back than the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift, the Feinstein Lounge was quiet and a nice break from the hustle and bustle down the street. Celebs were getting all sorts of fun things like USANA Health Sciences supplements, Rockport shoes and boots, Saint Vintage Designs vintage and antique-infused jewelry, cas, Obermeyer winter outerwear, as well as gift certificates to Melrose Mac, Capella Resorts and Rev3 Energy Drinks.

3:00 p.m. Continuing our pilgrimage up Main St., we headed into the House of Hype LIVEstyle Lounge, another gifting suite that also had a cozy area to recharge our batteries, both literally and figuratively. We sipped drinks from the Bailey’s Coffee Bar, munched on snacks from Sensible Portions and warmed up. It was nice to take a breather!

4:00 p.m. Nestled away in an incredibly private condo on Main St. was the Levi and Docker’s House, where I stopped in to say hello. This was probably the most intimate stop of the day — Dockers and Levis converted the upstairs of a condo into a miniature suite for celebs, Klipsch was giving away cool headphones and there was even a chef who made passed appetizers. In the back room, our sister site was interviewing filmmakers, directors and actors in a make shift TV studio. It was awesome!

7:00 p.m. After a quick stop at the house for an outfit change, we made the trek back down to Main St. for OneRepublic’s private dinner for Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Fragrance Collection. Throughout the delicious four course meal, I chatted with the band’s lead singer Ryan Tedder, who was sitting at the table next to me (see pic!). I couldn’t believe I was meeting the mastermind behind some of pop’s biggest hits, like Beyonce‘s “Halo” and “Bleeding Love!” He was super chill and one of the most humble celebs I’ve ever met. We all had a blast drinking wine, eating dinner and watching a short film by filmmaker and photographer Bruce Webber, which also featured the song “Secrets” by OneRepublic.

10:00 p.m. While OneRepublic rocked out at an after party directly below where the dinner was held, James Franco was having his own shindig across the street for his multimedia installation, Three’s Company: The Drama. Presented by Sotheby’s, the Chefdance event was sponsored by Belvedere, AMC Theatres and GYPSY05 and was one of the most packed parties in town. Everyone wanted to hang out with the “it” boy of the season, James Franco! After making our way through the crowd, we finally got inside, only to realize James was in a different room of the party. Bah! Plus, I don’t think we would have recognized him from afar — he was rocking a crazy blond wig! A little fed up with the hords of people, we headed upstairs to Harry O’s, where one of my favorite groups was playing, Ghostland Observatory!

11:00 p.m. Nestled in the Express/Skullcandy VIP section at Harry O’s, sipping on RedBull and vodka, I couldn’t have been happier. James Franco is awesome, but hundreds of adoring fans trying to push their way to his side is a whole other story. I’d rather see a cool light show and watch Ghostland Observatory any day. (Plus, Elijah Wood was hanging out with us in at the concert!) Even though we missed the one celeb we were dying to see, Sundance: Day Two couldn’t have been more awesome.

1:30 a.m. Whew…and that’s a wrap. What a day! Tomorrow is another packed day…and maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally see James Franco!

With reporting by Annika Heinle & Mel Bridges

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