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Posted Thu, May 5, 2011 4:52pm EDT

Sofia Says: 5 Reasons To See 'Something Borrowed!'

The summer blockbusters have begun, starting with this hilarious and super-adorable romantic comedy!

Something Borrowed, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Emily Griffin, is hands-down one of cutest movies I have seen in a while, and I can’t wait to watch it again and again! Check out why you need to see this cute chick flick ASAP!

1) The story line is so touching! The plot about the girl being in love with her best friend’s man has been done many times before, but Ginnifer Goodwin manages to make this role and all her own! Her chemistry with Dex (Colin Eggesfield) is undeniable — and making you not hate the girl who is sleeping with her best friend’s fiance is no easy job! Both Ginnifer and Colin make you root for them even though what they are doing is so wrong. The story stays fresh as it keeps you laughing when you’re not on the verge of tears.

2) The men are S-E-X-Y! Damn these two are HOT, and definitely a reason to check out this film! Colin, who was only known as a soap star until now, may be my new McDreamy! This tall, dark, and handsome Ralph Lauren-esque model stole my heart — I admit I spent some time Googling him to see if he was single. As far as I can gather, HE IS! The other male lead, the always adorable John Krasinski from The Office, used his charm to be the core of the film’s humor. This big teddy bear was the most AMAZING best friend in the world to Ginnifer, and I just wish he was my BFF!

3) Kate Hudson’s wardrobe is super chic! Kate plays her part as the beautiful and outgoing friend and her wardrobe fits just right. She is always wearing the most stylish looks with Chanel bags, flower hairpieces, and colorful summer dresses. She just looks absolutely stunning throughout the entire movie, and I make take a few cues from her her when shopping for this summer’s wardrobe.

4) It’s great for a girl’s night! Every girl needs needs a break from all of the stupid guys in the world, and this is a great way to spend a night with your girlfriends! This chick flick will bring the appropriate amount of tears and laughs, and leave you prepared to set back out into the world again!

5) LOVE the soundtrack! Headed by Natasha Bedingfield’s “Little Too Much,” it’s so catchy and the perfect go-to playlist for girls right now! I’ve been listening to Natasha’s hit non-stop since I got home last night — it’s the perfect summer  song!

–Sofia Fuller

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