Posted Thu, March 11, 2010 12:20pm EST

Bonnie Says! Great News! Supermodels Have Returned and Kicked Super-Skinnies off the Runway! Here's Why!

Make way for the return of big gorgeous glamorous supermodels!

First, toothpick models were fired by the Italian Prada design house and replaced by Victoria’s Secret Angels in a surprising last minute move, the night before the show on Feb. 24. Then influential designer Marc Jacobs, filled his trendsetting Louis Vuitton show in Paris, Mar. 10, with full-figured supermodels — of all ages — including Elle MacPherson, 47, new mom Karolina Kurkova, 26, (her little son is 4 months old), Sports Illustrated and Leonardo DiCaprio favorite, Bar Refaeli, 24, French actress/supermodel Laetitia Casta, 31, as well as voluptuous Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima, 28.

As stunning as these women are, they’ve been pretty much banished from top designer runways in recent years — they’ve been considered “too comercial” by snooty fashion insiders. In other words — us regular women might like to actually look like them and wear the clothes that they’re modeling.

That was a no-no for these fashion types.

Now what could account for the sudden re-appearance of “rounder” models as New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, described them.

Could it be because sales of luxury goods, including fashion, have plunged in the past year? The Camera della Moda, the Italian fashion governing body, released figures showing that 2009 saw the most dramatic drop in sales in 20 years! Revenues were down 15%. Well, if that’s what it took to get healthy-looking beauties cataclysmically back in style —so be it.

But it’s good news for all us women.

Why? Because the fashion photos that appear in major magazines and ads, get viewed and absorbed by millions of women. And whether it’s conscious or subconscious, they are affected by the images they see.

Thousands of photos seen over the course of years do create highly unrealistic images of women’s bodies. And you know what, it ISN’T healthy to be as excruciatingly skinny as those sub-zero young girls that have populated the New York Fashion Week runways for the the past few seasons. They CAN’T possibly eat, if they want to stay THAT thin!

They are so gaunt, the clothes truly hang off them without any form or shape. They almost look like ghosts — they’re not sexy or memorable or alive looking.

It’s actually a relief to see celebrities in the front rows, and yes they’re usually wearing the same designer’s clothes, but in all of a…size four. As slim as they are — at least they’re in the range of normal.

Nevertheless, now that fashion world UBER-INFLUENTIALS Miuccia Prada — the designer of Prada — and Marc Jacobs — the designer of Louis Vuitton — have virtually decreed that the emaciated look is OUT and the sexy, curvy, lingerie and swimsuit Glamazonian Supermodels are in — it means you’ll be seeing a whole lot fewer skinnies and a whole lot more shapely curves in your fashion mags! And since more women are naturally curvy than naturally emaciated — that’s good “body image” news!

So give ‘em Elle, Elle!

- Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 4:35 AM on March 18, 2010  

Just another sales gimmick. The economy is in a slump so a change is in the wind. Young is usually thinner than old get over it! As far as the super models go how many women are in the 5’9″-6’2″ class who are proportional?
Worse,this debate masks real health hazards that are now starting to come out. Artificial hormone leeching of hormones and chemicals that disrupt the body’s own systems thru plastic and food that may have negative effects.
The quality of the clothes would bother me a lot!

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ny vs paris

Posted at 8:53 PM on October 19, 2010  

The images you selected to represent the “full-figured” models were mainly taken from the Louis Vuitton runway. You then compare them to “toothpick” models from the Marc Jacobs Collection runway. Marc Jacobs is the Creative Director of both his namesake label and Louis Vuitton. Heralding him as a pioneer in the healthy model movement is unwarranted. You should be asking why it is that he choose to have more variety in form in his Paris Louis Vuitton show yet embraced a very rigid and thin physicality in his New York Marc Jacobs Collection show. Just a thought.

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Posted at 4:12 PM on March 12, 2010  

Nice gimmick, but it won’t last. Too much money is made on convincing women they need to be a size double-00 – from diet food, to endless shopping for the outfit that will make you nearly invisible to the naked eye. Not only that, there is a group of “powerful” (aka, unendowed) men who are so intimidated by women they can only deal with ones who look like helpless little boys. Economically, its easier to make a dress that doesn’t need darts, shaping, etc. because the intended wearer is flat as a pancake. Also, the poor quality fabrics used on womens designer clothing are revealed for the spun-plastic rags they are when they have too much stitching, or are fashioned into something that begs a lining. Finally, notice how the “fuller figured” outfit on the left requires a stick of a model in order for the voluminous fabric not to make her look like a 200-pound hausfrau? That’s because it is designed for a starving woman.

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